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Truth, Consequences, and Opinion TQO # 84


TQO # 84 The lie Obama, Biden, Democrats use - Clinton's "surplus"

It is amazing how many people keep repeating this obvious lie as truth. I know it is a lie because I remember Ross Perot, who I voted for 2x, with his chalk board showing the dangers of the debt when it was "only" 5.9 trillion dollars with Bush #41.

President Clinton (bubba) did not have a balanced budget, even with majority leader Newt. Even when you ignore the fact they borrowed $800 million from the USPS to prop up Social inSecurity. I posted the "foregone revenue" letter here on this website showing we still have not paid off the interest free loan from the USPS to Congress, given back in the 1990s!

I do not vouch for this website and I do not know who owns it, if it is right, left, or neutral. But, it's numbers are close enough to my own memory that I think they are correct enough.


Clinton came to office with $6,337,700,000,000 in debt and left with $9,817,000,000,000 in debt. Is there any year it did not increase? NO!

Under Clinton the national debt increased another $3,479,300,000,000.

In another words, Clinton had 3x the debt of Bush #41 and under Clinton the national debt increased more then 50%. This isn't too hard to figure out on paper by hand 6.3 x 1.5 = 9.45. See how easy that is?

Compare that to the former (R) Gov. Weld of Taxachusetts, when he left office he had a real surplus of $800+ million, paid off the debts, had a balanced budget, and lowered taxes.

President Clinton piled on more debt then Ford to Reagan and Reagan fought and won the Cold War and had a 600 ship Navy. You want another contrast?

President Reagan sent a battleship to lob 1600 pound shells into the coast and tanks of Libya, instead of bowing to them. Which means of course, under Obama, the Pan Am 101 bomber is home again living the large life in Libya. It is a good thing that it was done for BP's benefit and oil contracts with Libya, and that Obama just happens to be the person that received the most campaign funds from BP. Thanks Obama!

Except for President Ronald Reagan, they all have been owned by big oil, big business, and big banking. The difference is even though President Reagan worked directly for GE, they didn't own him. GE owns Obama and they reciprocate by doing his bidding and agenda. Don't let the facts that the people responsible for Goldman Sachs taking a dive and being bailed out with tax money, are in the Obama cabinet, bother you. Obama is different because he calls himself black, have some more hope and change.

So, when you hear anyone mention the Clinton "surplus" under BubbaNewt, know they are lying. Just ask them how you can have a surplus when the actual debt went up 3.4 TRILLION dollars while President Clinton was in office.

The national debt has been compounding and increasing and robbing our grand children's future ever since Nixon threw out the gold standard in 1971.

That is why not only in 01/13/10 did I say to start drilling and put someone in charge that knew the oil business, Palin :

TP#55 I bet Louisiana & Obama wishes Obama listened to me on 01/13/10

I said to use the oil as a commodity to strengthen the dollar and back it up by something real, since gold is out of the question.

10) Protect our dollar with a balanced budget.

"Step Three

Slowly start to stock valuable commodities to back the USA dollar that can be sold on the open market. I suggest we start with oil."

When President Nixon took us off the gold standard and we started to borrow from other nations to fund the Vietnam war, we cursed ourselves. So, how will it end for violating Deut 28:12 40 years later, the end of the probation period of God?

With Obama and Vietnam II (Afghanistan), borrowing from other nations to fund another war!

Is this the progress to expect from a "progressive"? To end our country by repeating the mistakes of Richard Nixon? President Nixon and Obama were both presented with the opportunity to end wars, in nations our founding fathers never would have approved of, and instead both borrowed money from other nations to increase it.

This is hope and change?

The spying President Nixon did that got him kicked out of office pales in comparison to what President Bush #43 foisted upon us with the so called Patriot Act and what Obama has passed as Obama Care.

The evil started under President Nixon has almost come full circle in forty years and will complete under Obama, if YOU allow it. Welcome to Amerika.

Would you turn to your spouse and say, honey, we have a budget surplus! We earned $50,000 last year and our credit card debt only increased to $75,000?

Since the Lame Stream Media will not ask the question, the next time a citizen hears someone talk about the Clinton "surplus" maybe someone will ask that person how you can call it a surplus when the national debt increased under President Clinton 3.4 trillion dollars and never stopped or went down any year?

John Brown



"There are two ways

to conquer

and enslave a nation.

One is by the sword.

The other is by debt"

President John Adams


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