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"And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations." -- from fake long form birth certificate -- Barack Obama, April 2, 2008

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Truth, Consequences, and Opinion TQO#282

2015-03-18 08:31

TQO#282 God: man made global warming is fake and a lie, just like Obama - Kerry and 1872 !

The main reason I have been doing these global warming articles is to justify God because no one in the lame stream media or even on-line media gives scripture as the only reason needed to know global warming is fake. *01

No one even challenges these lying idiots with scripture or asks if they are supposedly “Christian”, why do they not believe God's WRITTEN word. Are they smarter and better then God?

Obama probably knows it, I said a prayer to God a few weeks ago and God answered it. I prayed that God would give Boston, MA one last record snow fall … without killing anyone, so I could write one more article about how man made global warming is fake and a lie, just like Obama, and that God controls the weather, PERIOD.

Boston breaks seasonal snowfall record with 108.6 inches


Boston's miserable winter is now also its snowiest season going back to 1872.”

So, the homosexual marriage, atheist state, that elected baby killer “liveshot” (as we use to call him) Senator John Kerry, who now as Sec. Of State declared global warming was caused by man, receives a record amount of snow. How is that for a rebuke of “liveshot” Kerry ?

What was 1872 ? It was before they even had cars, gasoline, electricity for houses, air conditioning, airplanes, internal combustion engines, before women could vote, and when the democrat party was still objecting to slaves being free. What was the party of demons (DemonOrat) saying back in 1872 with their party platform (check out 1868 too!) ?

Talking Points # 41 2010-05-04

Democrats - the original party of racists - now speak with forked tongue !



Democratic Party Platform of 1872

6. We therefore regard a thorough reform of the Civil Service as one of the most pressing necessities of the hour; that honesty, capacity, and fidelity constitute the only valid claim to public employment; that the offices of the Government cease to be a matter of arbitrary favoritism and patronage, and that public station shall become again a place of honor. To this end it is imperatively required that no President shall be a candidate for re-election.


Obama, the democrats of 1872 do not think you should run for election in 2012! Why don't you honor the memory of the founders of your party, it is the right thing to do.


11. We are opposed to all further grants of lands to railroads or other corporations. The public domain should be held sacred to actual settlers.


Obama, I am sure you could find settlers willing to pay $1.25 per acre for the 100s of millions of land the Federal government has usurped from the states and citizens.

Why one last article?

God is killing Congress soon and I imagine after that, there will not be too much blogging after that since no one will oppose King Obama and his Internet regulations. Not that Congress will do anything now, because as God showed me back in Feb and March 2014, he was cutting the hand off of Congress.

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John Brown

*1 Within the covers of the Bible are all the answers for all the problems men face. Ronald Reagan

2 Maccabees 9:5-12

And when he could not even endure his own stench, he said this: “It is right to submit to God and, since man is mortal, not to think he is God's equal