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Truth, Consequences, and Opinion TQO#261

2013-03-10a 01:45 a.m.

TQO#261 Christian Preppers – consider buying a lot of baby formula

Christian Preppers,

This is mostly directed to the 4,000,000 people that stayed home for the 2012 election, that voted for McCain in 2008, that could not stomach either choice for president.

Please consider buying a lot of baby formula.

It is bad enough that we kill close to 3,000 babies a day by abortion, but, considering what is coming next, it means many of the babies that actually make it are likely to die. Even if you are an atheist and have not read the WHOLE Bible and do not know people will end up eating each other and their own body waste, when God's wrath falls on this world, consider this.

Besides having a Satan possessed president, our national debt is $17,400,000,000,000+ dollars, we pay $31,000,000,000 in interest on that debt every month, the national debt is now about even with our gross national product, and we print close to $71,000,000,000 of fake money a month to buy back our own useless fiat money. On top of that, thanks to people such as Clinton/Newt, Social InSecurity is stuffed with about $2,500,000,000,000 of IOUs from Congress, literally.

There is only one way this will end, badly.

Did you see the record snow storm (global warming = LMAO = Genesis 8) coverage in Georgia? Where a black pregnant woman goes out into a storm, without food, water, extra gas, or even extra blankets, and has to be rescued off the highway by a white guy in Ford 4x4?

At least she had her cell phone … typical well thought out plan from a typical Obama voter.

Do you think these people that voted for Obama are stocked up with food, especially if they have children? No, they are not. With the marriage rate at 32-33% for blacks, before divorce, I can tell you very few black children have fathers, much less black prepper fathers, though there are a few (Mormons) and you can bet very few of them voted for Obama anyways. These fools that literally voted for Satan, both black and white, not only will NOT have food for their children, they will have nothing stored for their innocent babies. If you find more then one open can of baby formula in the cabinet, that would be the their version of a prepper.

After the collapse of the economy, probably 98% of the single black women, and close to that for the single white women that voted for Obama, that have not been breast feeding, will find themselves without even two weeks worth of food, water, and baby formula once the shelves have been stripped bare in one day.

What will happen then, once the reality of starvation sets in, they will start to sell their bodies just for a scrap of food for themselves and something to feed their baby. In acts of desperation, then they will try breast feeding their babies and passing on what ever disease they just picked up for whoring themselves out, after whoring after the anti-christ that inhabits Obama.

The purpose of storing the baby food is to save the baby from diseases and from starvation. It is not to resell at a profit and bring the wrath of God upon your head. It is to give it away for free.

I would suggest to a local church, that you do not attend, and have them give it out in a weekly amount so the receiver does not try to sell a year's worth, or cut it with flour to sell it on the black market. Which they do now with the baby formula they steal from stores. That and the Tide soap they steal, which many probably cut with water.

I would suggest getting enough for a year, at (3) 8 oz servings a day. Try to match it up with a year's worth of plastic bags, nipples, and baby bottles since running water to clean plastic/glass bottles might not be available. A month's worth of water in 8 oz bottles would not be a bad idea either. I would not trust YOUR local pastor with your plans either, just store it.

Then dress in sack cloth, put ashes on your head, do not shave for days, and say you traded for it or took it off a dead person, and then offer it to a foreign congregation. Maybe a can of formula a week would be better. Otherwise some “social justice” preachers might think you owe the whole flock food and drink or those friendly people sitting next to you in the pew, might come by to steal what you have while you are at church. Though God's word makes clear, at the end, people are going to go, house to house in the cities, and rip every one off that remains alive.

You might have to agree to take a baby to keep it alive, while letting the mother die, or while she whores herself out to keep herself alive.

I do not know exactly how it ends, except for ending badly, BEFORE, the anti-Christ sets himself in his own body in Jerusalem calling himself God.

One thing is for sure, if you do not have baby formula stocked, once the economy collapses, there will not be any new stuff made, and what you have, is what you have. Babies will die, adults will die, children will die, and almost all the adult men will die. God's words, not mine.

I am talking about a slim chance of saving one baby, at a time, in your area. Not the world. Will it work, I have no idea. But, it is a better plan then doing nothing. At the worse, you can drink it yourself if needed.

You might not be able to save the world or even yourself in the end, you might be able to save a baby.

John Brown

*1 Within the covers of the Bible are all the answers for all the problems men face. Ronald Reagan