The Obama Doctrine : Spiritual and Union Corruption from the Keynesian Socialist.

"And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like

them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations." --

from fake long form birth certificate -- Barack Obama, April 2, 2008

"A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and

ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them,

which would include their own government." -- 1st President George Washington

Obama: Cacodemon* In Charge (*n:1. Evil spirit 2. in medicine, formerly, a nightmare)

Truth, Consequences, and Opinion TQO#215


TQO#215 - Sandy Hook – your WHYs? Answered – if you can stand the truth


On a blog I visit, there was a topic about Sandy Hook and the Newtown CT school shooting. To avoid copyright infringement, I am going to post my answers, but, modify the original question. Why bother? I have thought long and hard about it and decided maybe someone could benefit from the truth and maybe save their own family.

Q: Why is it so random and without reason someone snaps, enters a school, and starts shooting?

A: Oh, yes there is a reason. The demon(s) enter weak people that are not able to resist them, they prefer angry people. Many times they prefer to do it next to water. The two serial killers at industrial parks ones, Edgewater Danvers MA and Edgewater, FL, as an example, Green Bay, etc.

You are a Marine, aren't you? You haven't seen the elephant and how fast they can move? I have been amazed once or twice. Unless there is a highly trained solider or a strong Christian when they enter a place, these wolves slaughter all the sheep.

Q: why the children

A: The terror is their fun, plus, when they take out children, they take out a seed line, and Satan gets another death sentence reprieve. It is what abortion is all about.

Why the kids, well, I have a theory about that. I think right before they make the guy kill himself, they jump into a child they have had their eye on for a while, maybe one of God's election, so they can torture them and try to convert them. Then they soak up all the attention by the adults, basically mocking them behind the child's eyes. Then people attribute it to nightmares*2 and such. Where they have to be careful is if they met a Christian overcome with grief and he gets a brief glance at the truth, it can mean instant death for the demon if that person falls to their knees and prays to Jesus. So, they really plot these attacks out in detail in the USA. Commie China is an unlimited playground for them with little prep work, imho, of course.

Q: Wasn't there a guy in China that killed a bunch of kids with a meat cleaver?

Yes, I posted a link to that yesterday on twitter. It was 8 people dead. They had I think six in a row, one by gun. For some reason, they wiped the gun one from the search results. I remember it was the city manager or something such as that, he was allowed to have one because of his job. In two attacks, the police were even outside the schools guarding, I think one was the Sept 2011 event.


I did an article on it a while back:

TQO#134 Giffords - Will more gun control work & make a difference? part 5

BTW: Want to try something interesting, try finding the story about the plane that crashed into a high school a year ago with a couple of people inside during a "training" flight. That has been buried too.

Q: Then the president said?

A: The thing called Obama said this:

"May God bless the memory of the victims and, in the words of Scripture, heal the brokenhearted and bind up their wounds."

How did vain Obama twist the word of God here, do you know?

Q: When the SHTF how can a felon that can't use firearms defend his family?

A: What did I post here a week or so ago before this happened?

What did I post here a week or so ago before this happened?

I said move out of a blue state, especially if you have children.


Is CT a blue state? Was it bad advice?

Head to heavily wooded hill country in a red state, where bows will be on equal footing with guns close up, if you get a first shot with a broad head. That and maybe getting a pardon or annulment for your felony. I feel for you, I think everyone should be able to own firearms once their debt is paid. Far worse things are coming in the long term, were firearms will be of little use anyway. Arm yourself with the gospel, God is capable of protecting his own, and maybe he will lead you to someone that will help protect your family.

I think it was early 2010 ? I started warning people that evil was going to start striking at malls, churches, (FTE Club members correct me on this one) movies, and schools, and that we had to arm school teachers and be armed at church. Last year, at the church right up the street the female pastor was talking on the cell phone, when she let a man in knocking at the door. He beat her, raped her, and robbed her before the friend on the phone or the police arrived and the main reason they captured him a few days later was he was still using her cell phone. Solution in GA? No guns allowed in churches. How about those two pre-teens holding up the 20 something woman with a gun in a church parking lot last week?

God promise these events 2,000 years ago and in our wisdom we have ignored his word.

BTW: I still suggest if you live in a blue state that promotes homosexual marriage, you should move yesterday, especially if you have children.

Familycides are still 10x the rate they were BEFORE Obama was elected, I do not expect it to get any better. Anyone that takes out their family is certainly capable of taking out yours.


You know, Sandy Ford was not hard to predict. Why?

They waited until after Obama won the election to sentence the Gifford's shooter, a demon possessed man who killed a little 9 year old girl. What did I say a year ago?

TQO#131 Giffords - Jail Jesse Jackson and Mrs. Obama - part 2


So, what does it all mean?

So, it means nothing that I can see, except the demons are not afraid anymore of creating havoc here -AND- across the world! Why? They are not being punished or prevented.”

TQO#135 Giffords - The solution - part 6


The most important thing was Loughner killed an innocent 9 year old girl and it was first degree murder. We give him a trial on nothing other then that, we hold a public execution like God demands, we let a blood redeemer pull the trigger or lever, and that will convince 12 true Christians to show up and throw every evil spirit involved with this into the pit and we will ask God, through Jesus, to bind Satan for as long as we keep praying. ...

That will eliminate these things from happening, Satan will end up having to do all his dirty work himself because he will not have too many demon volunteers after that, to wreck havoc here. ...

5 I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. “


TQO#213 Give them credit for the biggest deception during the Presidential debates

As for Superstorm Sandy, you have seen nothing yet. I advise you to flee Sodom while you still can.”

I am not psychic or prophet and you do not need one, since Jesus the son of God, told us ALL things.

You reap what you sow, you elected a nightmare called Obama, you get nightmares. It is as simple as that. These demons have nothing to fear with him in charge and they are not done with YOU yet.

If you did not vote for Obama, better yet, if you did not vote for Romney either because you could not stand him too, I seriously suggest you flee any democRATic state that voted for Obama, especially if you have children, I would get out yesterday if the state promotes homosexual marriage. Unless of course you are convinced God wants you to stay behind in Sodom.

John Brown

*1 Within the covers of the Bible are all the answers for all the problems men face. Ronald Reagan

*2 Obama: Cacodemon* In Charge (*n:1. Evil spirit 2. in medicine, formerly, a nightmare)