"And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations." -- no long form birth certificate -- Barack Obama, April 2, 2008

"A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government." -- 1st President George Washington

Truth, Consequences, and Opinion TQO#180


TQO#180 Answer to Beck's passport question: Night of Broken Glass

On an earlier Glenn Beck show he asked why so many pages to the new passport applications and why the listing of all your relatives and property, work experience AND bosses, etc. on the new passport application is simply : The "Night of Broken Glass".

But, you have to start at the beginning:

(LMS) Micheal Mann discovers stealth secret in DNA !

"the SPD underwent a major shift in policies reflected in the differences between the Heidelberg Program of 1925, which "called for the transformation of the capitalist system of private ownership of the means of production to social ownership"

Basically converting private wealth to "collective" wealth, you know, like Obama wants to.

The first thing the Nazi party did was require passport changes, then lock in the Jews, then take their wealth.


"After the Nazi rise to power in Germany had increased antisemitism in the city, a silent boycott of Jewish firms began. The first steps of the Nazis in Innsbruck after the annexation of Austria (1938) were "Aryanization" of all Jewish firms, confiscation of the community archives, and seizure of the passports of all Jews."

Please note that the SOP did not change much in Hungary and if you want, search for "passport SPD Bavarian Jews". The information is there.

How Did They Know They Were Jews?

Anti-Jewish Legislation in Prewar Germany

"The government required Jews to identify themselves in ways that would permanently separate them from the rest of the population. In August 1938, German authorities decreed that by January 1, 1939, Jewish men and women bearing first names of "non-Jewish" origin had to add "Israel" and "Sara," respectively, to their given names. All Jews were obliged to carry identity cards that indicated their Jewish heritage, and, in the autumn of 1938, all Jewish passports were stamped with an identifying letter "J". As the Nazi leaders quickened their preparations for the European war of conquest that they intended to unleash, antisemitic legislation in Germany and Austria paved the way for more radical persecution of Jews."


"Goebbels took the opportunity to impress Hitler, and ordered retaliation. That night the SS ordered the Night of Broken Glass (" Kristallnacht "), in which the storefronts of Jewish shops and offices were smashed and vandalised, and many synagogues were destroyed by fire. Approximately 100 Jews were killed, and another 20,000 sent to the newly formed concentration camps. Many Germans were disgusted by this action when the full extent of the damage was discovered, so Hitler ordered it to be blamed on the Jews. Collectively the Jews were made to pay back one billion RM in damages; the fine being raised by confiscating 20% of every Jew's property."

Our "new" passport paperwork

Now, for any targeted - profiled group of people, they can track down all your relatives since you gave the name and address for them and where you worked. They can pick up anyone that knows you such as a co-worker or friend. If they want to erase you, no problem. Why were the Nazi and Gestapo able to take the property of Jews? They knew where they lived by passports marked with "J". You think after the Nazi marked a passport with "J" they didn't keep a list of them?

Using BATFE's tricks to deny passports

I was at a gun store the other day and I heard the employees bitching basically about how much the BATFE sucks. Seems that if a customer makes a simple mistake because they get confused filling out the two pages of small print questions to buy a gun, the store can't tell the person why they have to reject the application. So, the customer that made the mistake because he can't read the form and put his mark outside the box, gets his application rejected and does not know why.

So, if they now require 4 additional pages of mind numbing detail for passports, how many mistakes will be made or how many details will you fudge because you have no idea, where they can deny you a passport and not tell you why? Or say you committed a Federal crime by violating a "regulation"?

Who are we going to track?

The Jews, Muslims, and people from India?

Why? Money. How come? Because in these cultures people still know how to make their own fabric and can sew gold thread into cloth. Gold is now $1500+ per ounce. I don't believe for a moment the TSA scanners are all about air safety, I think it has more to do to prevent people from transferring precious metals from one country to another.

TQO#117 The new TSA scanners - I have "Total Recall", homers! Part 1

"Q4: Can the new scanners be used to detect monetary "contraband" ?

A4: Yes. I am not talking about that thread in all the worthless greenbacks. Though I imagine that shows up too. We have had gold and silver thread for a long time. Weaving it into a fabric and using it as a liner is a good way to bypass security. "

So, if you are found trying to move wealth out of the country, they will have "reasonable cause" for search warrants to find those machines and relatives helping you.

It is not a conspiracy theory, when Obama's associates and friends have already said they wanted a one world government by 2012, such as Maurice Strong, years before Obama was elected.

George Soros who holds Obama's leash was a Nazi Quisling and called turning in his fellow Jews the best summer of his life. Though those actions sound like something a Kenite would do, not a Jew.

In the USA not even a 100 years ago, we saw the Federal government outlaw the private ownership of precious metals by President FDR. You think it will not be tried again if the dollar collapses. You think it can't happen again? The government collected GPS locations for every house in the USA through the census and Obama by executive order gave Interpol free reign through out the USA, unhindered by any paperwork or recording laws. Interpol can do as they please and break any law as long as they do not get caught and do not have to record their actions nor can Congress subpoena them.

Is this all about money, control, and setting the stage for another possible Night of Broken Glass?

How will you be nudged into it?

Obama has gone back on his word concerning Afghanistan and now has set a exit tragedy of 2014 with a stalemate. What I think will happen well before then.

I have told people just look at Afghanistan, it is land locked and the only viable route is through Pakistan, with one road and port. I heard some ex-CIA guy say the exact same thing the other day on Fox News about the access. We have told the terrorists and the world that Afghanistan has a Trillion $ worth of rare and precious metals and minerals.

Hillary Clinton lies, they will wait us out for a trillion dollars, while we air lift supplies in for our troops while they sleep in their mud huts with dirt floors and no indoor plumbing. We have Russian and Germany supplying weapons in a civil war, just like with the Condor Legion leading to World War II.

I think the most likely scenario is they will push Israel to act, to stop a ship to Gaza and kill nationals from Turkey. Turkey will then deny the use of the airbases there, the locust in Pakistan will explode with outrage and shut down the only supply line into Afghanistan. Where under Obama's watch last time they parked 40 tanker trucks and had them all blown up like sitting ducks in a row, the last time Pakistan shut down the only viable road.

You have Russia and Iran on one side and resource hungry China on the other. Without airbases in Turkey, how long do you think supplies and covering air power will last for our troops if China or Russia get involved in an air war with us or deny fly through?

We then lose 60,000+ USA troops and what will they do?



Here is where they live, destroy them, you deserve their property! Think all those youths celebrating Bin Laden's death couldn't be turned into useful idiots at the mass loss of 60,000+ troops?

Think all those black Muslims attending LF's church where they preach the hate of Jews couldn't be nudged into violence against them if they blamed Israel for starting a war where we lost ALL our troops?

They might even throw in a few rich people and oil executives.

I think we are being set up for a complete loss of troops in the Middle East, the Jews will be blamed, everyone will know where they and their relatives live that travel to Israel, and we will make it impossible to transfer gold or silver in any form out of the USA to help anyone once the dollar is worthless.

Though I think the short term rationale will be to prevent those crazy Muslims or people from India from sneaking money out the USA and into other countries under their respective government noses.

Knowing Soros pulls all the strings and is infiltrating our schools with the Federal Reserve hacks and Reader Digest, I think this is the set up for another Night of Broken Glass for the 21st century.

Though I wouldn't put it beyond them to blame the Muslims instead since we have stupidly allowed so many here despite the warnings in Galatians 4, along with all the terrorists that have crossed into the USA through Mexico. Telling everyone where all the Muslims lived from say Egypt or Pakistan might be enough to start a small civil war or genocide to help take the USA down a few notches if we lose 60,000+ troops.

Or they just may make it "KILL THE RICH". What were you doing in China, or Russia, or Israel, or Jordan? Why did you go so many times? You were robbing us! You were selling secrets! You are the traitors!

Something isn't right, the question is what is their real intent and what has history shown us that Socialist Democrats do? I think the people implementing these new passport regulations are being told one semi-evil thing to hide for the country's own good, while they plot something 180 degrees worse to spring upon us.

John Brown



"There are two ways

to conquer

and enslave a nation.

One is by the sword.

The other is by debt"

President John Adams


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