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Truth, Consequences, and Opinion TQO#146


TQO#146 What a rich person can do for the people in Japan

What a rich person can do for the people in Japan

Since our Communist In Charge (CIC) called Obama can only find it within himself to play golf, I suggest a rich person that worked for a living step up to the plate and take charge.

There are going to be thousands of people that need to be cremated in the next few days, please do this ASAP

1) Send forensic ID kits to the Japanese people by air and arrange for a helicopter to deliver them directly where needed. Include DNA kits and an instant camera. This way they can bag and tag everything, take DNA swaps and hair samples, and a picture before burning the bodies.

This way distant relatives from other cities that survive can eventually intern the ash urns and be sure their relatives and family members are dead and have a resting place. This will mean much more to the Japanese then it would to Christian Americans. It will ease their hearts and be a true good will gesture. No one has asked for it in the middle of this disaster, but, it will go a long way for healing.

Next get a care package together so the people can immediately start to rebuild their cities, bury the dead, and hopefully find a few survivors.

Package crate contents:

-01) diesel generator (try for Honda powered)

-02) two 100 foot grounded cords

-03) two 5 gallon diesel cans - yellow

-04) package of particle masks

-05) (4) sets of eye goggles

-06) (4) sets of leather gloves - med. (most Japanese have smaller hands)

-07) (4) 5 gallon water cans - food grade - blue

-08) 4 cases of 12 MREs (about $70 each from Sportsman Guide)

-09) corded electric chainsaw with two extra chains

-10) corded sawzall with extra blades (metal and wood)

-11) cordless drill with bits

-12) sledge hammer - 12 pounds

-13) concrete wedge splitter

-14) 100 feet of 1/2" rope

-15) Stainless steel pot set

-16) 1st Aid Kit

-17) cheap $30 automotive metric tool set with wrenches

-18) 2 pound ball peen hammer

-19) ATV with a small dump bed and a helmet

-20) at least two corded LED lamps and some 9 volt batteries with 9 volt flashlights

-21) King James Bible in Japanese

The Japanese are not slackers and there are 450,000 sitting around in shelters. Forget the money, give them the tools to go out and clean up and rebuild. That will mean more to them then dumping food and money on them.

The idea is place the care packages by helicopter, about 2,000 pounds, into areas and then have the helicopters fly back with water, diesel fuel, a gallon of oil, and four people. The diesel is very safe to transport compared to gasoline, it will not pollute the water and ground if spilled, and it will last much longer then gas when running a generator.

They can use the ATV and rope to pull things and the bed to move small amounts of debris to large piles of debris to clear roads and to rescue people if possible.

I think if you placed 1000 of these in the effected area and flew in construction workers that are sitting around in shelters, this would give them a great head start and help them fend for themselves while the government gets organized.

This set up will allow each four person crew to stay in an area for a week working by themselves. After a week rotate them out and put the crate into a new area by helicopter until roads are cleared and people rescued.

With the StimUwaste we bought 16,000 new mini-vans for our valued federal government workers that Obama does not want us to criticize. So, I don't expect any common sense solutions from Obama or them.

This is a common sense solution a Donald Trump or Meg Whitman can easily implement and do right now. Since an aircraft carrier has helicopters, diesel, oil, and can generate it's own fresh water it sure would be nice if they could be used to deliver the packages and people.

John Brown



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