"And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations." -- no long form birth certificate -- Barack Obama, April 2, 2008

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Truth, Consequences, and Opinion TQO#144


TQO#144 Food taxes - the state version of QE2 - who loses?

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But, what no one seems to get around to mention is the truly insidious nature of this. States are counting on food prices to explode.

They tax something where they expect or even encourage to increase in price, so the tax revenue increases too! Unlike property taxes which are still on the way down.

What does taxing food do? Replace the property tax which is heading WAY down with a revenue source they expect to dramatically increase. Because Obama is holding true on his socialist earth worshiping ideals, while increasing fuel and electricity prices.

So, states will not have to make the tough choices such as rein in union contracts and the excessive Ponzi scheme retirement benefits.

Who gets hurt the worse?

Let us say this allows a state not to cut the budget like it should, this solves the problem? NO! So you are a union member or former state employee and your ridiculous pension is now covered and paid, you think you have won? No, the food being taxed to pay your benefits is now 2x-3x more in cost anyway. So, now you are being paid in Obama QE2 dollars that are worth 20-30% less at a minimum, buying food that costs 2-3x more, when you have no ability to return to the work force to earn more money even at minimum wage.

But, it gets worse

If you have taken a reverse mortgage or a 30 year mortgage and you are 65 years old, you are in for it now. Because there is no way you can ever sell that house for more money before you die, or sell it to break even, or refinance the house to pull any equity out, because there is not any and the price is only going one way, DOWN.

But, it gets worse

As I predicted over a year ago, when tax revenue drops, they will start to drop property tax exemptions for the elderly to pay for school taxes. They are already floating that boat where I live.

Now, instead of cutting the budget, they are starting to float the "police tax" to separate it from all the other taxes. Now, the elderly here will have to pay the Fire and Police taxes because they share in those services equally. Right now they are talking about a police tax equal to about $233 (2.3 per mill) a year. But, of course, as the cost of paying police with worthless Obama QE2 cashes increases, so will that tax.

Who gets hurt the worse = the elderly ?

Out of all the elderly people, who will get hurt the worse? The poor elderly blacks that voted for Obama just because he was black, not the white elderly that did not vote for him because he was black.

This is the Obama paradox, the people that voted for him just because he was black are the people that are going to be hurt worse by him (except maybe Geraldo).

Glenn Beck was right in saying the progressives believe 25% of the population want to be dominated and have all the decisions made for them, but, you have to go back to from where progressives grew.

Democrats - the original party of racists - now speak with forked tongue !

It is hard not to laugh every time I read the 1880s and 1890s platforms, I can't believe how people that can read 8th grade English can't comprehend who that 25% are.

25% = the minority population of the USA and that includes the 12% blacks.

Abortion for blacks is 3x the rate for whites and for mongoloids (Indians, Eskimos, Hispanics) 2x the rate for whites. Not my facts, the CDC data. Check it out:


The mother of Planned Parenthood had an evil and insidious nature. Her stated goal was to decrease and control the inferior population of "empty eaters" or "useless eaters". Along with the other "progressives". It would warm my heart, to know Hillary Clinton looks to M.S. as a shining example when her progressive Planned Parenthood has killed at least 12 million black babies, if I was a godless democrat!

The "blacks" vote blindly for so called black leaders, that are Arabs/Kenites and are not black Cushites from the lineage of Noah, for people that support abortion when it decreases their "minority" population, inside their ghettos where they have been contained.

Now they are going to tax their food, when they are already poor. What will be the result?


It forces the poor population, suffering already under high electric and gas prices, into being taxed on food that is ready to increase 2x-3x in price. How about having a single working black mother dragging a couple of kids behind her down the food aisle for the ads instead? In reality, she is the one that will be pounded the hardest by a food tax. Not the illegal aliens they suggest they are trying to get to pay their fair share.

Since the states have a vested interest into getting more tax revenues from food increases, which is taxed, to pay the unions that elect them, they will go along with this as a solution.

Sure, you will hear some blame the Mexicans saying we have to tax them their fair share, since they do not pay income tax etc. and the only way is food because they eat too. Yes, always blame someone else for the problems you created, as a solution !

So, when the "final solution" forces the poorer population into starvation so they riot, the communists that wrote the StimUwaste get what they wanted. They wanted to use and control the "black" population and that means being poor, unemployed, and on the government's teat without hope. After they removed God and Jesus from the schools and government, and inserted homosexuality in their place.

Yes, taxing food sounds like a good idea. Live up to your full worth wretched quislings!

As you starve to death in violent cities of blood, after being taxed to death on even your food, remember:

The Obama paradox, the people that voted for him just because he was black are the people that are going to be hurt worse by him.

John Brown



"There are two ways

to conquer

and enslave a nation.

One is by the sword.

The other is by debt"

President John Adams


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