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Truth, Consequences, and Opinion TQO#117


TQO#117 The new TSA scanners - I have "Total Recall", homers! Part 1

Ever see the movie Total Recall where Arnold slips through flight security with a mask, just like that young Asian did by pretending to be an old man? Now at checkpoints, we have full body scanners to detect weapons too.

The question is, what are they not telling you?

I told you how I found out the government purchased around 16,000 new vehicles with the so called "StimUWaste" money, as far as I could tell. Forget the fact in the worse economy that Obama helped create, the government "serving" you was worthy of 1,000s of new cars and trucks and you were not.

I found about 1200 weirdly optioned cargo vans and decided to save those listings. Some of which I posted here. Then we get the news story of "only" 600 scanner vans being used, as reported by Fox News, with pictures of big bulky Ford F-series.

I say they aren't lying, they just are not telling you the whole truth. I say the Federal government probably has 1200 mini-vans equipped with this technology and it gets worse then that. Please note that they admit the scanners can see even the sweat on your back, never mind the bone structure to the smallest details.

Q1: What is harder to conceal or change, your DNA, your face, your fingerprints, or your bone structure?

A1: Your bone structure.

Face: Obviously you can get right on a plane with a mask and not get stopped, so the face is out.

Fingerprints: To take everyone's finger prints and run them through 100s of millions of imprints is too obvious and too time consuming. Fingerprint technology recognition is an imprecise art.

DNA: You can't change it, but, it is hard to determine remotely. Well, you can dust yourself with dog dandruff to screw with them ... read further.

A blood sample or mouth swab is pretty obvious, but, requires direct contact. So, are they still getting your DNA? They are probably taking it doing the pat down, they just did not tell you. Watch the procedure, do they put on a new pair of gloves, pat someone down in areas with sweat and hair, then turn the gloves inside and throw them away afterwards? I love the gentle brushing motions! That must collect a lot of DNA!

The quisling doing the pat down does not have to know the gloves have serial numbers or even that the trash is going to be picked. Just follow the "reasonable" procedures. Has GE used StimUwaste money to create a faster, automated, scanning, DNA database? Hint: Read this website.

Bone Structure: Now they have both your bone structure and muscle scans, you have to ask yourself this question. Can detailed 2-D models be used to create a 3-D model? YES ! Next question: Is it really needed? Can a 3-D model be created while you are turning? Yes. I am sure the holding still for a 2D makes it seem official and all that, so you only question the most obvious intrusions. Not the fact the scanner can be running the whole time taking a scan every 1/30 of second.

In the UK they use facial recognition software to scan 10s of thousands of people during an event. This is really old school stuff now. So ...

Q2: Can the (software) technology exist to compare body bone structures?

A2: Yes

If they had a complete 3D scan of your bone structure, what could it possibly be used for in a practical application? How about mobile mini-vans with a satellite hookup while they sit some place scanning everyone that walks by or walks in?

Q3: Does a TSA quisling have to even know a scan is being saved and transmitted somewhere else?

A3: No. All the scanners are sealed, you can't open them, trust the government on the content. We are the government and union and we are here to help. BTW: Can we work on the voting machines next?

Q4: Can the new scanners be used to detect monetary "contraband" ?

A4: Yes. I am not talking about that thread in all the worthless greenbacks. Though I imagine that shows up too. We have had gold and silver thread for a long time. Weaving it into a fabric and using it as a liner is a good way to bypass security. You just burn the fabric at the destination point. I would think the new scanners would look at this as a Faraday cage. We would not want anyone doing anything as horrible as bringing gold and silver in and out of a country without Obama's and Soros's permission. Gold tooth fillings did not pass unnoticed by George "Q" Soros and his Nazis in WWII, I imagine they will not pass now either.

The beauty of the bone scans is you can't easily change your bone structure, maybe your facial tissue and maybe some minor features. But, your eye socket displacement, width, and placement on your face, no. You would have to go a long way to changing your pelvis or the length of your femur.

It is a good thing we spent StimUwaste money on GE developing DNA databases. Even better, we directly spent StimUwaste money on developing databases for X-Ray scans and how to share them. Hint: NC and a woman Republican Representative.

It is a good thing the government will have all your health records through Obama Care!

I have something for you homers to practice in front of a mirror:

"Heil Soros!"

"Heil Obama!"

John Brown



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to conquer

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One is by the sword.

The other is by debt"

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