"And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations." -- no long form birth certificate -- Barack Obama, April 2, 2008

"A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government." -- 1st President George Washington

Truth, Consequences, and Opinion TQO#101


TQO#101 Obama calling the kettle black

Obama calling the kettle black

I have not written much ever since finding out about the real truth about Obama,

TQO#99 The real truth about Obama dropping "By their Creator"

because it has given me a lot to think about. Much of the intent of this site was to convince Obama the error of his ways because he is suppose to be Christian, which is why I went heavy on the Bible stuff. I thought he just learned wrong at his socialist church. Members of Congress read this site, I hoped to convince them too. Niche market.

I do not really expect other readers like the ones from the Huffington Post or the Center for American Progress to change, though I did find it amusing CAP changed their web site after one of my articles, when I used a direct quote from their web site. Socialist swine.

I once had a spirit sneer at me when I said I loved the USA and it came back with "you don't know what your government that you love does to you". Probably not, but, I still believe the majority of the government is good, that includes the FBI, CIA, and armed forces. Even the IRS. Why? Because most are normal Americans and most are Christians, misguided maybe.

Our enemy is not each other, it has always been Satan, and it still is.

I posted on a forum about how the day after the 2008 election, everything seemed still or flat, as best as I could explain it. Even the roosters that were annoying and loud where I was working were quiet along with the birds. I have thought it was the removal of grace, after knowing what is in Obama, it probably is. God has to be badly disappointed and sad with us and the path we have chosen. Worse, we have probably been given the leader we deserved.

That being said, I am going to focus on what is being done to you for the next few articles, it seems appropriate. I will include how Fox News is being deceived, imho.

Obama calling the kettle black

He accuses the so called Republicans (who in no way resemble the 1st one, Lincoln) of being in bed with big business and foreign influences. What a joker, he is in bed not only with SABIC and GE, but, other big companies are doing his bidding along with big oil, right now.

Three months or so ago, Shell oil started running an ad showing a Japanese man shutting the outlet off on his son's use of electricity for his loud musical instruments. Bad boy, what a frivolous waste! So, what were his parents saying in Japanese? What did you assume they were saying?

But, think about this. How many of you have an outlet that can be turned off with a switch on the other side of the duplex outlet? Notice how it was orientated. Go try to find a face plate at Home Depot for that as pictured (don't worry, I am sure it will show up). I have worked on dozens of homes, including rental properties and apartment buildings, and have never seen one.

Glenn Beck did cover how Fannie Mae spent your tax money to buy a patent that covers a device like this and I am sure the owner of the patent was well paid for nothing. The question is what message is Shell oil sending you on Obama's behalf and why? Was it strictly just to mock Glenn Beck and him covering this patent?

Have you not noticed the heavy use of "green" commercials now before the election by big oil companies and others. GE has been right up there too. Watch one yourself and then ask yourself a basic question.

Are they trying to sell me something to make more profit or am I being subjected to propaganda?

You are being manipulated to try to throw an election. Even UPS is into it, listen carefully to their latest and complete "logistics" commercial when they throw the "green" thing in. It is not on the shorter snazzy song, it is on the longer version and stuck in the middle.

You are suppose to listen to the short one a few times, get hooked on the tune, and then the "green" thing is thrown into the longer one to manipulate you.

For you Homers, I just wanted to point out even UPS is in on it. Must have something to do with unions and a union driver's base pay being $28.50+ per hour, plus, benefits. I wonder who will pay for the pensions when UPS goes under when the economy collapses?

Make sure you vote democrat and for a progressive "green" socialist, comrade!

John Brown



"There are two ways

to conquer

and enslave a nation.

One is by the sword.

The other is by debt"

President John Adams


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A white slave owner could feed his black man well, send his slave out hunting with a rifle, and to the local store while he kept his family hostage, and kept him ignorant about the word of God and how to read.

Then when the slave still tried to escape, the slave owner beat him and said "Look at all I have given you, you ungrateful heathen".

To be a free citizen

Frederick Douglass had white Christian brothers that bought his freedom for

a one time fee of $710.96.

Under SOCIALIST Obama Care, us white and black slaves to the government have to buy our freedom every month, under the IRS's tyrannical thumb or be jailed.

Well, I am going to do the same thing Frederick Douglass did to free his black brothers in the bondage of slavery.

Teach people the Bible

and how to read it.

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