"And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations." -- no long form birth certificate -- Barack Obama, April 2, 2008

"A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government." -- 1st President George Washington

Talking Points # 74


TP#74 The real story behind DOJ and dismissing charges for NBPP?

The real story behind the Department of Justice dismissing the voter intimidation charges is much more then skin color deep, it is corruption at the highest levels of government.

They are part of a radical socialist network that among other things, are tied to socialists and Kenya, through the Green Party, Green Rainbow Party, and Soros who holds Obama's leash.

I came across this when I started to research both the 9/11ers and birther claims. Basically, many of the birthers had valid concerns.

Though 1/3 of the 9/11ers were radicals that had visited KENYA within 3 years of 2009, were members of the Green Party and other socialist parties, and they supported a anti-Israel platform.

Basically, the 9/11 list consisted of hard core socialists and communists, and then useful idiots like Charlie Sheen that tried to get Obama to take action on a deeper investigation, AFTER, Obama was elected. LMAO! These stupid white guys just do not get it, it was a just a way to make Bush look bad and to push Obama into office. It was a marketing tool for people such as Van Jones and Code Pink, they really could care less about 9/11.

Basically, the New Black Panther Party is in tight with the corrupt infrastructure of Boston politics and Mumbles (our endearing term for Mayor Menino). There are other organized crime connections with Mel King, the corrupt midget (Bill Bulger), etc. But, I value my life more then my desire to inform you of every little detail, and Whitey Bulger is still alive somewhere. He probably is still giving FBI agents $50,000 Christmas gifts, and I don't feel like taking the wrath from any paroled Winter Hill gang members.

Now, just because Rep. Barney Frank knows all these people, those mentioned and those to follow, means nothing! Just like I am sure he knows no one in the DOJ and the fact that Obama kicked off his senator career in Bill Ayer's living room means nothing too.

From the 9/11 list:

95. Chuck Turner, Boston City Council

Who is Chuck?

"Turner is a member of the Green-Rainbow Party Massachusetts affiliate to the national Green Party. Turner also hold the distinction of being the highest elected Green..."


FBI arrests Chuck Turner on bribe - Boston Globe (click here)

November 21, 2008 05:31 PM

"Turner, a member of the Green-Rainbow Party, has served in the City Council since 2000, representing District 7, which includes Roxbury, Lower Roxbury, and parts of the Fenway, South End, and Dorchester. City Council President Maureen E. Feeney temporarily stripped Turner today of all of his committee assignments, including the chairmanship of the committees on Education and Human Rights."


New Black Panther Party website


Picture of Chuck Turner with The New Black Panther Party, right column, middle, guy with the beard.



encuentro 5

"A space for progressive movement building in the heart of Boston"

Advisory Board - Chuck Turner Boston City Councilor

Onto Nairobi, Kenya

World Social Forum 2007

"January 13, 2007, 8:00 p.m. Join Sergio Reyes, Jeanne Koopman, Dorotea Manuela, and Thomas Ponniah in a fundraising send-off party for the Boston Delegation to the World Social Forum being held in Nairobi, Kenya. This year's delegation will concentrate on building relationships with the global migrant workers movement. Our send-off party will feature African music and drumming, a light dinner and refreshments, conversation and dancing. Sergio Reyes of Chile will be singing and remembering his martyred compatriot, Victor Jara."


What is the World Social Forum?


"While acknowledging that the WSF had gven a great deal to the struggle for global justice...

Boston Delegation to the World Social Forum 2007 in Nairobi Kenya Proposes Intercontinental Unity in the Struggle for Migrant Workers Rights in the World


This activity seeks to demonstrate the need to join forces in the world to confront the injustices of a condition created by contemporary capitalism: large masses of migrant workers desperately seeking work to survive. In that process they are abused, victimized, exploited and discriminated.

The U.S. has large masses of exploited undocumented workers, nearly 12 millions in all. Yet, the "immigrant rights" movement in the U.S. has not joined in with the rest of the world but it must."


What is the World Social Forum in Kenya?


"The World Social Forum describes itself as a platform for ordinary people to exchange ideas opposed to a world dominated by capitalism and imperialism."


"Chuck Turner, urged everyone still at the rally (a couple hundred people--the rally ran far over time) to join an unpermitted march originally planned by a group of young anarchists."


the WSF concerns itself with "how to better distribute wealth." The WSF mission statement condemns "neo-liberalism" (i.e., capitalism) and "domination of the world by capital and any form of imperialism."


Chuck Turner has nothing to do with ACORN either!


"Coalition Calls for Corporate Responsibility and Investment in Boston Neighborhoods; Chuck Turner to Seek City Council Hearing ....

[UPDATE - Oct. 10, 2008 - Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner has arranged for a public hearing on corporate responsibility on Thursday, October 30, 2008; further details to follow.]

AUDIO FEATURE: highlights from Community Labor United press conference

Speakers in order:

Darlene Lombos, CLU

Richard Rogers, Greater Boston Labor Council

Mary Wright, City Life/Vida Urbana

Jacqueline Fortes, United Youth Workers of Boston

Grace Ross, MA Alliance Against Predatory Lending

Deborah Robinson, ACORN

Darlene Lombos "




In 1998, Congress enacted an amendment to the Higher Education Act that denies loans, grants, even work-study jobs to tens of thousands of would-be students every year who have drug convictions."

"Supporting speakers to include State Rep. Byron Rushing, Boston City Council member Chuck Turner, ... Rep. Frank has been a vigorous champion of reforms to draconian US drug policy,"


"Back in 1990, the police raided Barney Frank’s home because his gay lover, Steve Gobie, was running a male prostitution ring out of his condo. In 2007, the police raided the home of James Ready and arrested him for possession of marijuana. Ready, who is Barney’s main squeeze these days, didn’t just smoke the weed, Farmer Ready was growing the stuff. The congressman was there at the time of the raid, but denied he had any idea that those plants in the backyard weren’t rhododendrons. I believe he told the police that he was perfectly clueless when it came to plant life. I guess, like Clinton, he never inhaled, either."


He forgot to mention how Barney Frank was taking it up the bum from his boyfriend Moss at Fannie Mae!


"While the relationship reportedly ended 10 years ago, Frank was serving on the House Banking Committee the entire 10 years they were together. The committee is the primary House body which along with the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight (OFHEO) has jurisdiction over the government-sponsored enterprises.

'He has served on the committee since becoming a congressman in 1981 and became the ranking Democrat on the committee in 2003. He became chairman of the committee, now called the House Financial Services Committee, in 2007.

'Moses was the assistant director for product initiatives at Fannie Mae and had been at the forefront of relaxing lending restrictions at the company for rural customers, according to the Feb. 23, 1998, issue of National Mortgage News (NMN)."


Now just because next to the Chuck line in the Perry article, is a picture of Barney Frank at his desk means nothing. Just like it means nothing his boyfriend was busted for pot growing while Barney was sitting on his front porch and Barney says he does not know what pot looks like and that he "never smoked a joint". What a comedian!

Something tells me Barney has smoked many a joint above and below that desk.




Week of 19 APRIL 2009

25 Actions to Support Gaza Justice

Boycott Israeli Products and Services!


Saturday, April 25, UMass Boston


Chuck Turner - Boston District 7 City Councilor, civil and human rights activist


SUNDAY, APR 26, 2009

back to top



Now for some humor


"Boston Globe publishes bogus GI rape pictures"

Boston residents got more than they bargained for this morning when their copy of the Globe came complete with graphic photos depicting U.S. troops gang-raping Iraqi women...

The photos accompanied an article about Boston city councilor Chuck Turner, who distributed the graphic photographs yesterday at a press conference with activist Sadiki Kambon.


Activist should be replaced with "New Black Panther Party" member, see the above Boston NBPP link.

Just in case you do not know why a black person in the NBPP would name themselves "Kambon"


" is most famous for his call for genocide against caucasians "

That almost sounds like "King Samir Shabazz" of the DOJ/NBPP voter intimidation suit saying they have to kill some white cracker babies?

No, no, no, that is not it ... let me think ...


"A former leader of the Black Power Movement in Trinidad and Tobago and chairman of the Emancipation Support Group, Khafra Kambon, talks about the str..."

Yes, that is where I have heard of that last name Kambon before!

Now, Kamau ... I think I have heard that name before ...

My article :

"Why is it no longer a war on "terror"? #2"


""Kamau" is another word for Egyptian. .. The African name books have Kamau meaning "silent warrior", is not this how Satan operates, silently?"

Now I understand what the name he picked, Kamau Kambon, means to him. His real name is probably Malcolm Little or something like that.

Oh, wait a second ... Malcolm Little


"born Malcolm Little and also known as El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz"

Wait ... Malcom X aka Shabazz sounds a lot like

"King Samir Shabazz"

What a pathetic poser of a king!

How much qat do you have to chew before you decide to pirate a US Navy vessel off the coast of Somali or name yourself " King Samir Shabazz" ? Get a job loser !


So who is Chuck Turner?

A New Black Panther Party supporter, ACORN supporter, 9/11er, Green Rainbow Party member (translation - socialist earth lover homosexual), tied to Kenya, the World Social forum, and an anti-capitalist. He is a few other things, like corrupt.

In another words, another no one that wants to be some one, who never holds a real honest job in their whole life, while trying to suck off the government teat as much as possible, while complaining whitey is holding him down. Just like King Samir Shabazz" ? Get a job loser !

There is no way anyone in the NBPP knows anyone in Boston politics like Barney Frank or Chuck Turner and just because Barney was a state rep. and assistant to the mayor, and Chuck and Barney show up supporting the same causes, means nothing, and that he would not get elected without these, dregs of society, people means nothing!

There is absolutely no way there was any influence put on the DOJ, from any political connection in Boston or elsewhere, to drop the voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party members.

Well, except if you do a search for " A Department of Justice official who is in a relationship with Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) withdrew as a finalist for Montana U.S. Attorney to live with the senator in Washington, a Baucus spokesperson confirmed to Main Justice today."

Just because the NBPP ring leader is on tape saying they have to kill some white cracker babies and insulting black men with white women and calling the women whores, is no cause of concern either.

Go back to sleep and vote some more corruption into office Nov 2010.

John Brown



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to conquer

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One is by the sword.

The other is by debt"

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