"And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations." -- no long form birth certificate -- Barack Obama, April 2, 2008

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Talking Points # 69


TP#69 The 1/2 truths Obama and Congress tells about OIL and resources

When Mr. "Titanic" Obama is on TV feigning madness and concern about the BP oil spill and urging a push to a "green" economy to get us off foreign oil, here is the fact they forget to mention.

Much, 40-50% , of the oil drilled on our shores leaves the country and is not used in the USA! Don't believe me, how about these links and facts.

First, I am going to give you a few reference sites just for a quick glance and nothing more:

The basis of all the data starts here:


We consume about 50% of drilled oil

PADD III Exports .gov

refinery product .gov

The last one shows what it is broken into by products. If you do some more research you might be able to figure everything out for yourself to get to the following points below, if you love working with spreadsheets and trolling the .gov and petroleum industry websites. I think the word boring might apply. So ...

I hate to send you to this Progressive website, REALLY, but, after searching 20 or so minutes of Yahoo and Google, it is the only one that breaks it down into easy to understand language. Don't read anything else on the website, it is bad for your brain, and has that slight twist of a lie here and there that you can expect from Progressives.


Please note after using the Progressives own website by John Podesta, and their own words, to prove Obama a liar, it really got under their skin and they changed. the whole article into a lie with a note "This article contains a correction."

ROTF - I was wondering how long it would take. Using a web archive, you can find the original article yourself to see how they lie to you.

So, I have deleted the link and here are the original words:

"More offshore drilling in the Gulf Coast region, however, may not do much to increase our energy security. A CAP analysis (.xls) of Energy Information Administration data found that a large portion of the oil produced in the Gulf Coast region is actually exported as finished petroleum products to other nations, and this undoubtedly includes some of the offshore oil produced there (see chart at right).

These finished petroleum products consist of both consumer and industrial fuels. Diesel fuel was one-third of these exports in 2008 in the Gulf Coast, and gasoline was another 10 percent. About half of the finished petroleum products are used for electricity generation and other industrial uses."

"For instance, Canada is the largest oil exporter to the United States, and the second-largest importer of American finished petroleum products."


When I posted my plans on 2010-01-13 to shore up the dollar with a commodity, since gold is out of the question, it was based on many things. Did you know we export, 40-50% of the oil that is drilled here ? !

Did you hear Obama tell you that? Any members of Congress? Did the Governor of Louisiana tell you that? NO!

Because I lay out simple, easy to understand plans, I really do not expect anyone to support me in my run for Congress. It is much better to keep electing lying weasels and quislings that only care about enriching their own pockets, while sucking the country dry of natural resources, gold, minerals, and everything else.

Here is what I posted


10. Protect our dollar with a balanced budget.

Step Three

"Slowly start to stock valuable commodities to back the USA dollar that can be sold on the open market. I suggest we start with oil. As part of their license to drill, oil companies have to put a % of barrels sold into government holding areas. If prices rise, the government sells its barrels for the highest price to help pay down the debt, it gives the oil companies 25% of the selling price. This is not socialism, this is a fee for using our public land and access to our buying public to make private profit.

The $2 per barrel will still be used to construct alternative energy plants."


09) Drill here, drill now

"For every barrel taken out of the ground, $2 is used to promote green technology. Not for R&D. This is to be used to actually build something such as power plants that work on renewable resources. Water, solar, wind, wood, biomass, etc. They are to be built in a one year time frame, except nuclear power plants.

Ideally, depending on the suitability of local sites, these plants are built near poor urban areas to provide jobs and lower utility costs since the plants will basically be free to the community. I suggest going by house foreclosure or unemployment rates.

Nothing insane such as building solar plants in Alaska or a nuke plant in tornado alley.

I say we put the only two Republicans I would probably vote for President, no matter what party they ran for, in charge. Palin and Rice. ...The American people need good news with people from both parties working together towards success.

Obama can't lose and the American people win either way."


See, I wanted to put someone in charge, no matter what the party, that had a proven track record of getting oil profits for the people and a safe drilling record.

Not a Harvard hack like Obama picked ... that worked for BP! Obama and his Harvard hack that use to work for BP, are ultimately responsible for those 11 Deep Water deaths, Period.

To encourage companies to drill so deep, we get NOTHING from millions of barrels of oil. If it is going out of the country to be sold back to us, at least we should get something to pay down the debt and shore up the USA dollar. Is $2 a barrel unreasonable vs. getting essentially nothing?

So, when you see Obama spouting off about not many places to drill left and going "green" to reduce our dependency, he forgets to mention that the Federal government owns 98% of Alaska, 50% of Utah, and will not allow drilling close to shore. So yes, when the government owns all the land and will not let people drill there, you run out of land.

So, when you see Obama spouting off about our dependence on foreign oil, know he is lying to you by not telling you the whole truth. That if we did not export so much (or any) of the oil drilled on the Federal contracts, we could cut our imports by 20-40% or more and not send 100s of Billions of dollars to Arab companies such as SABIC.

For years, I wrote and begged Ford, before I started to boycott them, to introduce a 4x4 5 speed diesel (mini-truck) Ranger. The exact same ones they sell in Europe! Can you really guess why it is not produced or imported? Because if we started to drive smaller diesels, which by the way pass stricter Euro emission standards, we would use less gasoline. Which is a higher profit product compared to diesel, plus, we would use less of it.

I used a GPS and found when picking up my kids and such, 75% of my time was idling, at lights, etc. The area where diesels really excel over gasoline driven engines and sip fuel.

Did you read that above report about how much more diesel then gasoline is exported?

One thing has to do with what is called the "crack spread" and right now because of the economy, "cracking" (breaking down) the crude oil into diesel is profitable and gasoline (so higher prices) is not. But, here is another reason.

Hardly anyone drives a gasoline car in many parts of Europe. They drive diesels, the same ones we are not allowed to drive. I want a small 4x4 truck that runs on diesel to conserve fuel, that gets 35+ MPG, and I can't buy one OR import it. It is a cabal, it is as simple as that.

Obama received more BP oil money then anyone. The richest people in Congress are democrats. Both the democrats and the republicans are in big oil and big business pockets. Our resources and coffers are being sucked dry because of it, yet, people still vote these clowns back in time after time. I think the best solution is to fire each and every one of them, and then stick people in there that will vote for term limits.


If you think it is only oil, you are wrong. We import roughly 35% of our lumber to build houses, from Canada. Yet, in Louisiana (and Michigan) we ship out boat loads of trees at $1-$3 a log to China and Japan. Then the Chinese are kind enough to sell the wood products back to us as cheap junk at Walmart or moldy drywall at Home Depot .

(not that I expect the media to cover the SABIC, GE, Home Depot collusion I posted)

For almost every other country in the world, you can not export wood products in log form, it has to leave the country as finished lumber so it provides jobs to the native people. When we get all weepy eyed over the rain forests and implement those laws there, which mean higher prices for us, why can't we do the same thing here?

Oh that is right, we forget how we use to raise money since the founding of our country up to the early 1900s, when Progressive Democrats decided to introduce the income tax, so they could spend more money and get us into World War I.

This redistribution of US wealth, by exporting it and then selling it back to us, was laid down a long time ago by greedy people, socialists, and progressives. Do you think it is a good idea to export products such as wood, oil, and fuel for dirt cheap prices, then import them back at higher prices? Which then forces us to buy Arab oil too? We are getting ripped off our our natural resources.

When Obama gets all weepy eyed about having to go green to break us of our oil imports, why does he not tell you that we export close to 50% of the oil and it's products, that get drilled here.

If Obama closes the Gulf coast to drilling, the rigs move elsewhere, which will benefit SOROS, and require us to import even more oil from SABIC.

Did I mention it is a cabal?

I was a Ross Perot supporter back in the late 1980s and voted for him twice. I was complaining to our government to stop the spending. President "read my lips" Bush #41 only tripled his budget deficit that year with democrats to $350 billion something.

Oh the days of having such a spend thrift in office ... compared to his son#43 and Obama!

I wrote to Pres. Clinton when our debt was "only" $5.9 trillion and dared to say we were acting like the whore of Babylon for our wickedness and spreading it throughout the world. Do a FOIA and get some of my letters, you might find them entertaining.

The sad fact of the matter is, we are reaping what we have sowed by killing babies even though we know the soul gets put into the body, Luke 1:36-55 and God warns us not to borrow from other nations Deut 28:12. We are reaping the curses God promised.

Nothing will change for the better and all our plans will be defeated, because we have ignored God, the Bible, the Constitution, and the words of our founding fathers.


White abolitionist John Brown to starts an armed slave revolt at Harpers Ferry . Hanged for treason. His last words "“I John Brown am now quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land: will never be purged away; but with Blood. I had as I now think: vainly flattered myself that without very much bloodshed; it might be done.”

Almost 153 years later and things have not changed.

John Brown



"There are two ways

to conquer

and enslave a nation.

One is by the sword.

The other is by debt"

President John Adams


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