"And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations." -- no long form birth certificate -- Barack Obama, April 2, 2008

"A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government." -- 1st President George Washington

Talking Points # 66


TP#66 The "just suppose" for the paranoids "Who Are You"

I have been laughing my behind off at the Democrats, but, I just thought I would share my laughter with you by telling a little story, fiction of course.

Have you not wondered why the Democrats are making such a big deal about this nobody Democrat,

Loser of South Carolina Democratic Senate Primary Files Protest (click here) ,

winning, and then taking their complaint right up to the White House? Even when the Democrats are going to lose against DeMint anyways?

"Just Suppose" someone found out about you quislings selling out our country, for Obama Care, in exchange for certain promises, one of which was dumping a ton of money into a useless race to pad the wallets of your nearest and dearest friends to run the campaign.

You can say to Obama "WAH WAH WAH Uncle Obammie, someone stole my graft and cheese that you promised me, who would do such as thing?"

But, you could not come out and complain in public and say how your plans of graft and corruption have been upset now, could you?

When I wrote this piece I was implying the democrats were still the party of racists and the black democrats were not any better then the white democrats of the 1800s:

Democrats - the original party of racists - (click here)

and this piece, I basically said the same thing:

Jobs - SEIU - Beating a black pastor (click here)

"How come you, the CBC, and Jesse Jackson the pharisee, have not been yelling your heads off about a BLACK pastor being kicked while down on the ground, where SEIU members pushed him, for exercising his free speech?

It is bad enough seeing union members beating a pastor, but, a black pastor? What would MLK have done? Where are this black pastor's civil rights?"


So, now "just suppose" an unknown person has shown your true racist black hands, with your berating a poor black man as being too dumb for the job, even though he served his country in the armed forces, and you never served yourself! Thank you, who ever you are, for showing the true contempt, the rich black "educated" socialists feel for their poor fellow black man.

Republican plant, yea, right. Someone steals your cheese and this is the best you can do?

I am laughing my behind off.


"Who Are You"

Some of you are really breaking under the pressure.

Rep. Bob Etheridge in a physical confrontation with a young man (click here)

"Etheridge, a Democrat, is seen in an amateur video grabbing the wrist and neck of an unidentified young man after the man approached the congressman and asked if he supported the "Obama agenda.""

""Who are you!" the seven-term congressman demands. "Tell me who you are ... I have a right to know who you are."

You know of course by now Etheridge, you picked on an innocent child. Then again, a quisling that sells out his country for a bowl of porridge, we would not expect to pick on a real man. When can we see you try that on Mike Tyson?

You are so use to killing defenseless babies in the womb, a kid that weighs 140 pounds wet, is a step up in courage for a baby killer like you. Coward.


Then we have the WOMBAT (Witch Of Murdering Baby A-Team)

Pelosi's New District Office Costs $18,736 a Month (click here)

""As speaker, the security needs are different," he said. "The new San Francisco Federal Building offers enhanced security features, which were a major factor in the decision to move offices."

Spending $224,832 a year for her "enhanced" security, while the country is at 10%+ of unemployment. The question is does she has a coffin inside her lair to sleep there all day, for her safety, and are there any mirrors in the bathroom?


What is next Bob "Souter" Etheridge? Kicking a pregnant woman in the stomach if she looks at you the wrong way?

You will find out "who" we are soon enough.

John Brown



"There are two ways

to conquer

and enslave a nation.

One is by the sword.

The other is by debt"

President John Adams


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A white slave owner could feed his black man well, send his slave out hunting with a rifle, and to the local store while he kept his family hostage, and kept him ignorant about the word of God and how to read.

Then when the slave still tried to escape, the slave owner beat him and said "Look at all I have given you, you ungrateful heathen".

To be a free citizen

Frederick Douglass had white Christian brothers that bought his freedom for

a one time fee of $710.96.

Under SOCIALIST Obama Care, us white and black slaves to the government have to buy our freedom every month, under the IRS's tyrannical thumb or be jailed.

Well, I am going to do the same thing Frederick Douglass did to free his black brothers in the bondage of slavery.

Teach people the Bible

and how to read it.

Another John Brown trying

to free slaves of government

Still a Christian nation that loves God and Jesus!