"And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people

who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment

as a way to explain their frustrations."

-- Barack Obama, April 2, 2008

Talking Points # 57


TP#57 The stunning incompetence of progressives that never had a real job

Well, I finally saw some footage on Fox news tonight about why the sawing was stopped and was stunned by the incompetence shown with the cutting of the pipe at BP's Deep Water Horizon. If you guys were not killing the environment your blunders would be comical.

I bet Sarah Palin, who you like to portray as a hick, has cut down a few trees in her times, so she would have been able to explain to you some basic facts about cutting horizontal logs or basically any material and why what you just tried would not work.

It even applies to concrete pipe because concrete is great on compression and bad on tension, which is why you use rebar on concrete ... so all I can say is


On a tree or even a pipe (unless it is pre-tensioned concrete) the top is in tension and the bottom in compression. All these whiz bang BP and government engineers should know this.

If you want to cut from the top of a log, you put a cut on the bottom, compression side. This way when you start the cut from the top the kerf opens and both halves fall away or at least do not close and bind the saw. This is especially important if the log or pipe is laying supported and flat.

This is why people that cut trees for a living do a bore cut and even key the cuts so the log (or pipe) can't roll and close the kerf on the saw. This is called top bind, for you morons in charge I have included a link to OSHA's own government web site.

OSHA - limbing bucking (click here)

Any construction worker that has cut a 6x6 with a circular like the one you were using, would tell you if you cut a piece of material deeper then the saw blade and the material is supported at both ends, the kerf will likely close and bind the blade.

Is there anyone in charge in Washington D.C. that has not been a scum sucking lawyer all their life and done any real work or cut even firewood? I have pictures of Ronald Reagan cutting wood with a chain saw and splitting the wood himself. So, I bet both Henry Ford (wood heats you twice) and Ronald Reagan could have foreseen the folly of attempting this cut.

Let me guess, I have not watched the whole video, but, I bet the saw was forced into the cut once it started to bind or kick back and then once it got really stuck, you immediately tried to pull it out with force and probably damaged the saw.

What's a Progressive to do?

Now that Obama has totally messed up a simple fix, he is going to start blaming someone else and get what he really wanted all along through his dithering. Carbon Credits to transfer even more wealth out of the country in a global warming wealth redistrubtion scheme.

The truth is you accepted bribes from B.P., just like from Goldman Sachs, and it has blinded you as I have covered here:

"What Would God think about Obama keeping Goldman Sachs money?"


Not a lick of common sense and it sure looks like God isn't going to give it to you any time soon. So, here is a suggestion for you superior Harvard progressives for the Gulf Coast's sake.

If you can't get to the sides or bottom of the pipe at least have enough common sense to drill relief holes on the sides and near the bottom to saw through. Then once a major section of pipe is gone, do another cut of only 1" wide that the saw can power through when it binds, assuming you are smart enough to keep it level. Then you can try to put your cap on, while the oil is forcing it's way out of the pipe which is under 36,000 psi of water pressure.

Good luck!

John Brown



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to conquer

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One is by the sword.

The other is by debt"

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