"And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people

who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment

as a way to explain their frustrations."

-- Barack Obama, April 2, 2008

Talking Points # 53


TP# 53 Whirlpool worker "redistribution of wealth" and golden rule

Well, I learned a long time ago when writing President Clinton and saying the USA was acting like the whore of Babylon, spreading our filth everywhere, that they are totally corrupt in Washington DC. They really do not care about the USA, it's future, and how they are grinding our grand children into debt. All they care about is establishing their one world order and one world economy, as predicted in the Bible. So, learn from this poor misinformed soul.

A letter to the editor from a former Whirlpool employee.


Sub: Whirlpool needs Obama's touch

To the editor:

Dear President Obama:

I am writing you concerning the recent announcement by Whirlpool Corp. It plans on closing the Evansville plant, costing at least 1,100 jobs. The plant is being moved to Mexico.

The closing is scheduled for mid-2010 (June). This will devastate the Tri-State area, Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky. There will be many other ramifications, such as health care and insurance. The Whirlpool-made products are the best on the market and they are made by the greatest people in the world. Would you please intervene and get Whirlpool to change their mind and keep the plant in Evansville?

James Albert Duvall,

Retired Whirlpool employee

East Dublin, Ga.


Now, when Ross Perot was ridiculed for opposing NAFTA and said NAFTA = SHAFTA, what did he mean? He meant that jobs would flow from the USA to Mexico and the poorer countries south of the USA.

Has he been wrong?


Spartech Moves Into Mexico

"The acquired business is a captive manufacturer of extruded sheet for refrigerators marketed under the Whirlpool, Acros, Supermatic, and other brands. ...but will transfer the majority of such production to a new facility to open in Mexico later this year."


Oh, I know what you are saying, maybe Mr. Duvall should have written the Congressional Representative in Spartech's district to put pressure on him/her to not move Whirlpool production into Mexico.

carnahan- another liberal lawyer

Do you think this socialist liberal lawyer that voted for Obama Care really cares about you. No. All they care about is how much money for them, after they failed at being a lawyer, while sucking down their $178,000 per year with benefits.

What they think, but, do not say outright is:

"Those poor people in Mexico deserve better paying jobs, maybe if they had them they would not want to enter the USA.

You now to be former Whirlpool employees should be happy with your extravagant living on your well paying, compared to the rest of the world, greeter job at Walmart, helping to sell more Whirlpool appliances created in Mexico. "

Which of course will use GE motors made outside the USA and using "green" plastics probably from SABIC and not even from Spartech itself.


Biden Says Brussels Could Be 'Capital of the Free World'

"He suggested that Washington, D.C., his home, is undeserving of that title --

"But it seems to me that in this great city, which boasts 1,000 years of history and which serves as the capital of Belgium, the home of the European Union, and the headquarters for NATO, this city has its own legitimate claim to that title."


Welcome to the new world order, comrade!


Now to explain this so even a union democrat can understand it.

Steel always was a bed rock of the USA economy because we use so much of it.

See, what the socialists did was first was use the environmental movement to help close down steel production plants, which depend on volume to produce steel at cheap costs. They call these people useful idiots.

Then "open the borders" so cheap steel produced in other nations, not bound by these emissions, can be used to produce cheaper products. Sooner or later, this means expensive labor jobs used to make products made of steel, would flow south to where the labor was cheaper and the steel was cheaper. After all they can import the steel made in China the same as the USA can.

Then USA consumers, would buy the cheaper products sending more of the USA's wealth outside the country. This in turn would allow other countries to spend their own USA dollars buying commodity items that never lose their value, gold and precious metals. Unless you are a Hunt brother.

Now, you have a socialist president following a progressive agenda set in motion by Bush #41 and made into law by Clinton. Is it any wonder those of us that really cared for the USA voted for Perot, look at the two choices we faced !

You union members that supported Bush #41, Clinton, and NAFTA that mocked Ross Perot, how are your union jobs working out now? You must be really stupid to think there is a pension waiting for you. Check to see how much money is in the account. I will give you a hint, as much as in Social Security aka: squandered and frittered away.

Plastics is the new steel

Now, plastics is the new steel, in America and other countries. This works out well for oil producing countries since you need oil to produce most plastics. Please note that the parent company that owns Whirlpool, along with SABIC mentioned in my Obama/GE articles, now owns a very significant (read almost all) amount of the USA plastic market. In another words, the USA plastic market is not owned by USA based companies and the ones remaining are sending production work out of the country!

The real goal

But, please do not think this is just about transferring jobs and manufacturing, they want to transfer real wealth.

Please notice what comes first, India rejects the climate change hoax and then goes out to buy 200 tons of GOLD to bet against the US dollar, the nation supporting the climate hoax. They buy from the IMF world bank, supported by US dollars, borrowed from China, with US dollars!



China and India reject G8 calls for climate targets

"However, the 50 per cent carbon targets faced resistance from India and China, which argued that the targets would hamper their economic growth."



Indian buys 200 tons of gold !

"India surprised the world by buying out 200 metric tons of Gold from IMF at $6.7 billion on 3/11/09 at an average price of $1045 per ounce. Experts say that India is increasing its gold reserves to hedge against the falling US dollar.

According to reports Indian fascination for Gold made it the largest consumer of Gold since ages. Out of the estimated 160,000 tons of gold mined so far till now, Indians privately own as much as 15000 tons of gold. At current rates the value of private gold holdings in India are estimated at more than $50 trillion dollars.

... people hold the view that keeping gold at home brings them a sense of security and safety."


Please note that the article probably should have said "billion". So, private citizens in India own 1500+ tons of gold themselves. What do these poor people from India know that Rep. Weiner does not?


Even al-Qaida gets it that gold is a universal currency accepted everywhere.

al-Qaida gold robbery kills 15


Please note in the story below, Congress allowed Obama to usurp their power and stood by and did absolutely nothing! Quislings!


Obama Calls for Truck Fuel Economy Standards

"President Obama signed a presidential order today that for the first time would establish fuel economy standards and greenhouse gas emissions limits for heavy-duty and medium trucks, starting in 2014."


Now, Obama wants to saddle US truckers with stricter emissions standards on their new vehicle purchases, that no other country in this hemisphere has to met including truckers from Mexico, that are now allowed to truck goods produced in Mexico, Central, and South America, AND China to your local Walmart.

Okay, here is the check list:

We no longer produce oil anywhere near what our country requires.

We are no longer a major steel producer.

We are no longer a major manufacturer of most products sold in the USA.

We are no longer a major producer of automobiles produced in the USA.

Foreign Arab countries own our plastics market.

We no longer produce leather goods or shoes in large quantity.

We no longer produce clothing in large quantity.

Gold is a major commodity product needed in the manufacture of computer chips and processors.

We are no longer a major producer of computer components..

Major "green" based companies, such as the solar panel company Hoku (see the Pocatello articles here) is 60% owned by China.

Major green based LED projects require buying gallium from other countries. We produce none of our own.

We ship our trees out of the country for literally $1-3 a log.

Obama is trying to destroy the US military by allowing homosexuals to serve openly in the military (at least the Nazi SS kept it under cover)

Obama will make it impossible for truckers to compete against the invading Mexican truckers who get to buy their fuel cheaper, tires cheaper, batteries cheaper, and insurance cheaper while employing truckers for $6 per hour.

I worked at Ryder truck and have seen Mexicans buy six used trucks, pile them on top of each other like a piggy back train, and drive them back to Mexico. So, they are not even going to be buying new trucks from the USA or anywhere else.

When Obama says "global shared sacrifice" what he means is this. Obama is going to socialize the USA and bring it's standard of living down to 3rd world country levels by bankrupting the USA and the USA dollar by huge deficit spending and weaken it by all means possible.

Then when there is nothing left for the USA to produce, since it is produced elsewhere cheaper and the dollar is worth nothing. Then you might remember the golden rule

"He who has the gold makes the rules.", like India and China.

Welcome to Amerika comrade!

John Brown



"There are two ways

to conquer

and enslave a nation.

One is by the sword.

The other is by debt"

President John Adams


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