"And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people

who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment

as a way to explain their frustrations."

-- Barack Obama, April 2, 2008

Talking Points # 49


(LMS) Micheal Mann discovers stealth secret in DNA !

Micheal Mann with his $500,000 Stimulus grant, has now at Penn State discovered a stealth producing gene in DNA* that can literally hide people that are in plain sight.

After being disgraced with his climate gate e-mails, he decided to turn his attention to human engineering. What he noticed in the past is people and objects that came into contact with Obama, tended to disappear or become invisible or unknown to him. He first noticed this when Obama's brother, "No-one knows who I am"

George Hussein Onyango Obama (click here)

completely disappeared from Obama's sight, even though everyone else could see him and Obama wrote about him in his book.

He observed this again when Obama's aunt,

Zeituni Onyango (click here)

was discovered by a foreign newspaper living right in the USA in Boston Public housing in 2008, that none of the major news outlets reported. She had disappeared right in front of Obama's eyes even though he had written about her in his book, he did not even know she was in the country or donated to his campaign. Because Obama is such a common last name in the USA.!

Even with Obama's aunt applying for asylum, even after being told previously to leave the country, Obama still can not see his illegal alien aunt, even when she is getting public housing, free food, and FREE medical care, even though she has never worked in the USA nor been a citizen. He can't see her to spend some of the $5,000,000 dollars he earned last year to relieve the USA tax payer of his auntie fraudie

Being a good scientist Mr. Mann needed at least three solid data references to form a theory, unlike global warming. He was given this evidence when Arlen Specter disappeared from Obama's sight right before the elections on 2010-05-18.

The nail in the coffin was the Raving Wrong saying despite 20 years of sitting in his pews, Obama could no longer see him and it felt like he was thrown under the bus. Well, the disappearing effect actually took place a long time before that.

Because when Obama was questioned about how he could sit in that pew for 20 years, listening to the preacher who married him, all Obama could say was

Knowing Obama would not submit to a DNA swab, Micheal Mann had to find a sample.

Knowing Obama had pooped all over the Constitution he headed over for a sample. He was pleasantly surprised because not only had Obama pooped all over it, he had even peed on it.

With a small vile sample in hand, he went back to his lair ... err lab. What he found was amazing. The longer the contact, the longer the object or person disappeared from Obama's sight. Which explains why no one can find Obama's long form birth certificate!

Where or Where has my underdog gone

While in the back store room, Mr. Mann came across a jar marked

"SPD" brain - Sgt Shultz aka John Banner.

Not knowing what SPD was, he went to wiki

SPD - click here)

and found this information "the SPD underwent a major shift in policies reflected in the differences between the Heidelberg Program of 1925, which "called for the transformation of the capitalist system of private ownership of the means of production to social ownership"

Wow - that was some heavy stuff. But, who was Sgt Shultz ?

Hogan's Heroes (click here)

"LeBeau once refers to Schultz as a Social Democrat" Oh, World War II Nazi history!

That must be where Obama got his phrase "social justice" from Hogan's Heroes, and not from a socialist political party in Germany !

Since Micheal Mann had access to Pelosi's bloody after birth still dripping poison, from a genetically flawed monster which everyone wished she had aborted, Obama Care, he was able to cross check for matching gene sequences to the brain and Obama. Then what he needed was a DNA sample from a child raping lecherous pervert of an old man to check for this same gene DNA* sequence.

Luckily, for Micheal Mann, and unfortunately for his Uncle Sam, Uncle Sam was recovering in the hospital, a rape victim filled with the unholy seed from a lecherous pervert of an old man from Nevada. It was easy to identify this lecherous pervert of an old man's DNA from Nevada because his slimy finger prints were still freshly imprinted on his uncle's naked bottom.

This sample yielded matching DNA* results. Upon discovering this unique series of genes, he then tested various people found around them. It was found predominately in the democrat party and some of the republicans. He found whenever someone came in contact with this DNA*, it made them disappear or altered their own genes and reproduced. If they came in contact with this gene and were of mongoloid origin, they disappeared completely for long periods of time.

This is why Indians could disappear from the democrats sights in the 1800s and they could not care what happened to them. The effects of cross contamination was observed again where blacks completely disappeared from the democrat's sights in the 1800s, evidenced by their racist party platform.

Democrats - the original party of racists (click here)

Though they did appear briefly for the Progressive democrats in the early 1900s before Pres. Wilson segregated the armed forces to make blacks disappear. Planned Parenthood was then started to make them completely disappear forever along with other "empty eaters".

The phenomena was again observed in 1974, with Mexicans picking melons in plain view in

Mr. Majestyk - click here

but, they promptly faded from view when it was learned that

Charles Bronson (click here)

of that "great" generation, was born to a LEGAL immigrant father and mother from Lithuania, and was a WWII war hero. Democrats infected with DNA* want you to forget the USA rewards LEGAL immigrants and might even consider their offspring heroes, even when they obviously look foreign.

The phenomena was again observed in the 1990s under Clinton when Mexicans could disappear right in front of the democrats eyes, while they filled fields while picking lettuce and working in chicken and fish factories. Like at Tyson in President Clinton's home state.

There are some doubts about the long term uses of this as a military weapon though.!

To quote from Mr. Mann's paper "The long term viability of this DNA* for long term defensive or offensive means is in doubt at the moment because around November every 4th year it seems to weaken and the democrats can actually see Mexicans, Blacks, and Indians. They disappear again shortly afterwards near tax time when democrats make out their taxes and list charitable deductibles. They completely disappear at family weddings no matter what the year!

This observed phenomena was even the butt of a Massachusetts joke "The only minority at a Ted Kennedy Christmas is Arnold the republican". It seems to have effected Arnold too because he has changed into a RINO and is a sad tattered faded image of his past self. Further DNA* testing revealed it breeding within Rep. Cao and infecting the rest of the republican party.

This DNA* is the reason that this reporter speculates that Obama calls himself a Christian, but, acts in the complete opposite manner. Probably every time Obama sits down to read the Bible, the words disappear before him. This infection is probably why the democratic party has become a nest of godless socialists that say they are Christians and Jews, but, are not.

This is probably why Janet and Eric could not read the Arizona law,

AZ Law. PDF file - (click here)

after Obama touched it, when it was in plain view of everyone else. This explains their predictable response

because when he gave them the 16 pages to read, the words disappeared right before their eyes!

Now, considering how this *DNA effects most members of Congress it has been suggested the only real cure is to cut out the poisonous members and graft new flesh in, no matter what the party affiliation is

www.goooh.com (click here)

or to go back to our roots and have another Tea Party to cure this poisonous DNA* infestation, and cure it with a natural herbal remedy.

http://www.teapartyexpress.org (click here)

A spot of tea never hurt anyone!

So, the next time the "transparent" Obama team, comments on something without knowing about it and without reading it, know it really is transparent to them because it has disappeared for them. That is why they use


*DNA aka Demonic Nihilistic Antroverters2anus

*LMS aka Lame Stream Media

John Brown



"There are two ways

to conquer

and enslave a nation.

One is by the sword.

The other is by debt"

President John Adams


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