"And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people

who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment

as a way to explain their frustrations."

-- Barack Obama, April 2, 2008

Talking Points #39 2010-04-30

How green is Al Gore, global warming chicken little, Obama's buddy?

Since Glen Beck was covering CCX, I thought I would help out on Generation myself.

First, what stock fund does Al Gore own?

Generation Investment

"As of 12/31/2009 funds at Generation Investment Management LLP, founded by Al Gore and David Blood, were valued at $2.2 billion."

What do they invest in?

PCL - Plum Creek Timber. What is it?

PCL - wiki (click here)

". Plum Creek is engaged in a proposal for a large resort and development tract in the Northern Maine Woods, on Moosehead Lake by Greenville, Maine, one of the largest undeveloped forests east of the Mississippi."

"This follows on the heels of their development of managed land in Washington state (Suncadia) and Montana (Moonlight Basin, Yellowstone Club) into costly resorts, bringing golf courses and luxury housing into the deep forests. The debate pits conservation groups trying to balance recreation and protection, and the effects of sprawl and over-development upon wildlife, quality of life, and the employment of local populations who depend in part on the hunting, fishing and tourist trades which may be damaged by the over-development of the area."

Hey, Gore, I do not think these people think you are being green enough


"Plum Creek corporation submitted a proposal for the largest real estate development in Maine history. It included 975 subdivision lots, a 3,000-acre destination resort at Brassua Lake, a 500-acre resort at Lily Bay on Moosehead Lake, and other developments. After more than 1,000 Mainers turned out at public meetings to voice their concerns about the ramifications of such sprawling development, Plum Creek said they listened and would rework their proposal."

I do not think these people were happy either

Maine First - Earth Day

"On the first day of Fall, Maine Earth First! occupied the Land Use Regulatory Commission’s meeting at the Ramada Inn in Bangor, Maine in protest of the agency’s planned approval of Plum Creek’s controversial development proposal in the Moosehead Lake region."

I love your stock picks Al!

It reminds me of what you said earlier about winning the Nobel "I am deeply honored ... the climate crisis is not a political issue, it is a moral and spiritual challenge to all of humanity."

Call me a cynic, but, I thought Al Gore was concerned with the destruction of forests and how we should all be planting trees to lower our carbon foot print? Or are you just looking for cheap wood for your next piece of worthless pulp?

You are going to hate this next one Al!



"October 17, 2007

The Honorable Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton

"Moreover, I appallingly write at the cross current, by and between parties described at the URL at www.iviewit.tv and their pattern of frauds, deceits, and misrepresentations that run so wide and so deep that it tears at the very fabric of what has become to be know as free commerce in this country, and, in the fact that it pertains to inventors rights, tears at the very fabric of the Constitution of the United States.

Furthermore, upon information and belief, such disingenuous schemes were assisted by, whether directly or indirectly, members of secret societies that have infiltrated the United States government and other positions of influence to advance their own personal and organizational interests, all to the detriment of Iviewit, the United States government, and the people who they have been elected to serve.

Accordingly, and as former Chief Executive Officer (Acting) of Iviewit, and together with Mr. Bernstein, we submit the following bill pertaining to Oaths and Affirmations that would prevent such insidious individuals from holding elected or appointed offices so that others similarly situated to Iviewit may freely avail themselves of the free market economy and system of jurisprudence the Founding Fathers sought to provide."


This almost looks like crazy talk, or is it?

They have you here "Albert Gore, Jr.CFR", but, wait, who is this person listed along with you? "Stanley de J. Osborne CFR"?

Oh, I will tell you who.



"CVR Energy Names C. Scott Hobbs to Board of Directors"

"Hobbs also will serve on CVR Energy's audit committee, where he replaces committee member Stanley de J. Osborne, who remains a member of the full board."


Wait, it gets better ...


"UPDATE 1-CVR Energy posts surprise Q4 profit"

Well, it is no surprise ... if you know what was in the stimulus package!

recovery.gov (click here)


The industrial source of the CO@ is from the CVR Energy?s (NYSE: CVI) Coffeyville Resources Nitrogen Fertilizer facility. The marketer of the CO2 supply, Blue Source, LLC, will provide a consistent, compressed, injection-ready, high-purity CO2 stream via pipeline to the Golden Lane oil fields. Approximately 40 million cubic feet per day (average) of high purity (~98%) CO2 will be utilized to flood the oil fields. CVR Energy?s nitrogen fertilizer business includes two petroleum coke gasification facilities?using one as a hot back-up to lime disruptions. Coffeyville Resources Nitrogen Fertilizers is located adjacent to the 115,000 barrel per day refinery in Coffeyville, Kansas. The plant, operational since 2001, is the only large-scale commercial ammonia facility in North America that uses low-cost petroleum coke?as opposed to natural gas?to produce nitrogen fertilizers. At current natural gas prices, the nitrogen fertilizer business is also the lowest cost producer of ammonia and urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) in North America. As a result, the facility is not subject to the kind of periodic economic closures that often occur at domestic, natural gas-based ammonia plants during periods of high natural gas prices."

"Award Number DE-FE0001942 Funding Agency Department of Energy

Total Award Amount $2,590,177 Project Location - City SALT LAKE CITY"


Sub-Award Transactions


Sub-Award Amount $129,750


"About Blue Source, LLC The company is leading development of a “carbon highway,” through investment in infrastructure to capture and transport carbon dioxide for long-term geologic storage. Offsets are offered to wholesale buyers and to financial markets. "


Have you, Van Jones, the Apollo Alliance. (who wrote the StimUwaste) and Osborne been talking stock tips at the urinal?

Some how that letter with " members of secret societies that have infiltrated the United States government and other positions of influence to advance their own personal and organizational interests" does not seem so far fetched now, does it?

Al, I just love you and your pals at CVR !

John Brown



"There are two ways

to conquer

and enslave a nation.

One is by the sword.

The other is by debt"

President John Adams


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