"And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people

who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment

as a way to explain their frustrations."

-- Barack Obama, April 2, 2008

Talking Points #38 2010-04-28

Christians - back stabbing PBS, Mexicans, and true citizens

I was going to write about this later this year right before the elections, but, the new Arizona law makes it timely right now.

Attention Obama and Hank Johnson, yes, I do sit on information I know is damaging to both of you until I think it is proper to use it, you quislings and violators of your oath of office. I do not keep it on a networked computer, fwiw.

I love God and he has taught me patience coupled with righteous indignation. But, neither of you two clouds without water would understand that.

The democrats want to throw race into everything, so I am going to do it too. But, not in a way to divide the blacks and whites.

PBS back stabbing

Black and white Christians while you were at church worshiping during the height of the Obama Care debate, maybe even praying to God for a solution, do you know what PBS was doing to you? Stabbing you in the back!

On PBS - PBA 16 in Atlanta on Sunday, 10:00 a.m., October 16th, 2009 was a show called "Leyes Cotidianas".

In English and Spanish the show was telling how to take advantage of health care laws for free service. How they can't refuse service and how even if they are forced to provide just critical care, how they will not kick you out of a hospital even if it is something minor such as a cold. Basically, they were encouraging the Mexicans to use the emergency rooms for anything.

Hey, that just happens to fit into the democratic talking points about how you already pay for illegals using the emergency rooms. Do you call it a conspiracy theory or collusion when PBS stations are telling them to do it? Your tax dollars at work against you!

The show, "Leyes Cotidianas", basically said Obama Care was an "important issue" and the show ends with "because so many people are without health care".

Yep, drill the entitlement and government teat sucking into them before they are even citizens, it helps to collapse the system.

Irish Immigrants vs. Mexicans

On my mother's side, both my great grand father and great grand mother were Irish citizens. If you know about the potato famine, you know the main reason for the Irish coming here, survival. For my great grand mother English was not exactly even a second language.

I think one even came over in storage (I don't mean steerage - had that discussion years back) and they were greeted by signs such as "no shirt, no shoes, no service, no Irish men". They still considered it a great blessing to be LEGAL immigrants and good fortune to be here, like many of the Chinese that preceded them.

They were both very grateful to come here and to have the chance at being citizens. How serious were they? Before they had children, my great grand father decided that they would no longer speak their native language of Ireland, Gaelic, but, only English in their house so all their children would grow up to be proper Americans and fit in with everyone else.

So, none of my uncles and aunts, my great grand mother had 11 children, spoke Gaelic, only English. None of them were ever in jail, and during World War II the men went to war and one of the oldest daughters joined the WAVES. The aunt who joined the military, her two oldest sons have been in the armed services since 1978 or so with great honor and metals. Good tree, good fruit.

My feisty little Irish great grand father was a pretty tough fire fighter and if you insulted America, it did not matter what size you were, a beating was coming, win or lose. This was pretty much the mindset of the whole Irish population. More then one socialist or communist found out what the term "fighting Irish" really meant if they disparaged America.

Even the Italian mafia was used during WWII by the government. Being a criminal was one thing, messing with "their" USA was another.

Most Irish immigrants had two rules, God first, then the USA. Which is why the Irish athletes in the Olympics would not bow to the Queen of English on bended knee like everyone else did. During the Olympics the Irish refused to bend a knee to the monarch of England, as was tradition, and said they would only bend their knees to God and Jesus.

The Irish even ended the tradition of dipping our flag and holding it up proud instead.

"This flag dips to no earthly king,"


So, now we have presidents (Obama is certainly worse then Bush #43) that bow to monarchs that do not even believe in Jesus and Obama says how bad the USA is and his friends like Ayers bombs USA government buildings. I guess it is a good thing for them the older and last of the great generation have died out, because both Obama and Ayers would have been fearing for their lives and never would have had a chance to be a public figure before an immigrant gave them a lesson in civic pride.

You know, those old timers of the great generation that would slap the back of your head and knock your baseball cap off, if you forgot to remove it during the national anthem at a baseball game.

They never would have elected this man, that is not putting his hand over his heart.

So, now, what kind of people do the democrats want to be citizens?

Someone sent me a chain letter and the information was wrong, but, the pictures were true. These pictures were taken at Montebello high school in Californication. I have found the Snopes article true, so I will include their link. Just right click on the below links for the whole story.


Second source


If my Irish great grand father, who called himself an American with no hypen, caught anyone, including another Irish man, doing that, a lesson in civic pride would have come that they would not soon forget.

Those Mexicans probably voted for Obama, since that happened in 2006. Do you want more of those voters and citizens? Do you want 12 million INVADERS (not "guests" because "guests" like that you would kick out of your house) people like that in your country?

Or would you rather have Irish, Chinese, Japanese, and America loving Cubans instead?

You know, a great many Samoans serve in our military, think they should die or go home crippled to protect those ungrateful invaders?

The best man at my wedding, both his parents are from the Dominican Republic (other side of island of Haiti) and I can't imagine him or his parents even conceiving doing that to an American flag.

So, my solution is:

1) Enforce the borders.

2) Send all illegals back and only take the ones that swear fidelity to America back in.

BLACKS - you are being insulted and used


Every time a democratic gives the reason for not enforcing the borders is because "the Mexicans are doing jobs Americans do not want", what they are basically trying to get across is the whites are too proud for the jobs and the blacks too lazy to do it, because it is looked upon as a slave's job.

The real reason is because it does not pay enough, because they use Mexicans just like slave labor, except many slave owners treated their slaves better then many private contractors do. A smart slave owner would take good care of his property, slave or horse. Contractors do not, they throw them away, treat them worse then their own dogs, and big corporations pay them minimum wage, if that.

I have seen a Mexican so badly injured I literally tried to force him to go get care, stitches, and a tetanus shot. I even offered to pay for it. He would not because he was too afraid of getting fired for leaving work!

I saw someone fall three stories to pavement (splat) when their shaky aluminum ladder collapsed. Then you get Consumer Reports stating they do not know why after all these years, ladders are still collapsing even though they are now state of the art.

I will tell you why, contractors force Mexicans to "hop" their ladders around a building to save time instead of climbing down and moving them. When the Mexicans die, they just become an OSHA statistic and the family in Mexico or Central America might get lucky if someone they roomed with sends them a post card telling them they are dead and why.

The truth is the low paying jobs belong to the legal Americans. Natural born or legal immigrants. If they were not making slaves out of illegals then the jobs would probably pay $10+ per hour. Then people with college educations that are unemployed, that would take any job to save their house, would be working in the fields or painting houses.

Unemployment among black youth is 50% or better right now, those low paying jobs belong to you! Just like my low paying paper boy job I had at 16 belonged to "white" me and I had the chance and opportunity (not a guaranteed social justice right) to turn it into a job to help me buy a house when I was 21 years of age. When I was a teen and before I had a car, I cleaned bars and bar bathrooms on the weekends, so you can't tell me only a Mexican would do it. I did it because I wanted money, not, because I liked cleaning up beer piss and puke.

The other part of the lie is they say it will raise the cost of produce. LIE. One of the biggest costs of produce is gasoline and diesel to produce it and transport it. When is the last time we built an oil rig during President Bush's term or now Obama? All the government does is raise the taxes on fuel, they do nothing to make us independent.

Next time someone says paying legal Americans more for picking produce (my white uncle, my white mother, and my white grand mother did it) will raise food prices, ask them how can this be?

Does this fruit cup at Walmart come from America?

I think it says "Product of China"?

Will it raise the cost of tuna? No, if you read my previous StimUwaste article you know Congress already put the the tuna factory in Samoa out of business depriving poor people in that nation of paying jobs.

You know, making Samoa more dependent on the government teat, just like you!

So, while the government is robbing black and white youth of jobs they can do, they force their parents to pay for all the ills that come from illegal invaders including drug gangs, free use of schools, hospitals, and other government services. Just so they can have you sucking their teats, to help keep them in their cushy jobs where they do not have to do real work for a living.

Democrat Dingell has been in office since 1955 and democrat Byrd (note to Hank Johnson - he is the former KKK member - not me for opposing Obama Care) had to be given an EKG to make sure he was alive before he was wheeled in to vote.

It is all about manipulating blacks and minorities to make them dependent on the wages of the white majority, until the progressive democrats get their socialist system in place to collapse the American economy, and bring the whole country down to the rest of the world.

Then YOU will be picking fruit for $1 a day, saving the planet and riding a 20 year old bike to work like the Cubans, and just like the person that made that Walmart fruit cup.

Enjoy the eating, government slaves!

John Brown



"There are two ways

to conquer

and enslave a nation.

One is by the sword.

The other is by debt"

President John Adams


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