"And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people

who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment

as a way to explain their frustrations."

-- Barack Obama, April 2, 2008

Talking Points #30 2010-03-30

Open Letter to Sen. John McCain - it is time to go

Dear Senator John McCain,

You are one of the few people in Washington I would use a title in front of their name, out of respect, because you earned it. "Duke" Cunningham and you were sort of heroes of mine. I know what ever is in the water in Washington D.C. poisoned "Duke", but, no matter, it does not make him any less of a hero to me.

Tea Party

I do not speak as a tea party member, why? I have never gone. Why? Mostly because I would not besmirch their good name being associated with the likes of me. I don't care about my past, only my future. Why? Because I am someone that investigates things that I hear, then posts the truth that I found, no matter if it is dinosaurs in the Bible, 9/11 truthers, birthers, stimUwaste, zero curse, etc. for others to make their own decisions.

I know people will call me a right wing extremist ( actually more like a Libertarian zealot for Christ), wacko, etc. for what I post and do, and I do not care. I am going to post what I find and my opinion no matter what it brings me.

So, I am talking to you as a Christian, that reads and loves the Bible, not as some seer.

Here is why it is time to go.

Society is about to collapse. If you have not noticed, across the world people are committing suicide to free themselves from what they consider oppressive governments or to take out dozens of people with different religious views. It has never been like this before.

From suicide bombers in Iraq to Afghanistan, it is happening. From people on a suicide mission to kill hundreds of children in Beslan to the recent subway bombing in Russia.

Since we have borrowed so much money from China we should remember an important Chinese proverb "The most dangerous man is one with nothing to lose", especially without the love of Christ in their hearts.

We have seen this here right in the USA with left wing nuts taking out an IRS building like a Kamikaze, storming the pentagon (of all places), etc. We have another "liberal" Obama supporter killing three other professors.

Now right wing so called "Christians" are plotting to kill police in the name of Christ.

Familycides use to happen 4-6 times a year, now, they are happening one or more times a week.

Society is about to collapse and the sight of incumbents in office inflames people all the worse, from all political views, on the left and right. We all want you all gone.

The Anti-Christ

Both the Democrats and Republicans have set the USA up for the anti-Christ and everyone knows it except for Congress. How? By saddling the USA with a debt not only of $14,000,000,000,000, but, unfunded liabilities that can never be paid off or back, without a miracle from God.

I have been complaining about it just about as long as I could vote. I even wrote to Clinton calling us the whore of Babylon for the filth we spread around the world, which includes our debt.

How does Satan come in peacefully? By great miracles and forgiving debts that can not be repaid and "forgiving" sins. This is what you have set the unlearned child of the USA up for and it only gets worse.


Have a real pastor read you Ezekiel 38 & 39, the Book of Revelations, and explain to you seals and trumps, about the "unwalled" cities and where the valley of Hamongog will probably be going by the descriptions, Alaska.

You know, the state where the USA government owns 98% of the land rich with oil, the USA formed from the tribes of Israel that owes GOG all that debt which can not be repaid, especially when the world economy collapses.

Yes, thank you so much Democrats, Republicans, progressives, and socialist Obama for all your help. We do not want or need anymore of it.

What God hates

1st degree murder. Is there any other name for abortion, we have killed tens of millions of innocent babies in the womb, despite knowing from the conception of Jesus about when the soul enters the fetus. You think God has not noticed, 2012 is the 40th year of our butchery, 40 years or 40 days is God's probation period.

Deuteronomy 28

I asked both my GA senators to read Deuteronomy 28 into the Congressional record on health care so the American people would know why God was going to let the USA be punished. They did not. With all the phone calls and e-mailing my XMAS2009 card to so many senators and representatives, you all pretty much knew about it, the crazy spending, and God's curse upon us for it.

Mandatory Obama Care

I posted here, I called Congress, I e-mailed Congress (Senators and Representatives) and I warned how mandatory Obama Care was violating the Constitution (4th and 10th) and when do Republicans finally mention it once weakly? They mention it on Dec 24th. Yes, all you really cared about was making Obama Care his Water Loo. Last time I checked, Obama won and you lost. Most of all, the people lost.

Forgone Revenue

I have been complaining about this borrowing from the USPS for going on to close to two decades. Not to mention Social inSecurity.

Congressional Report on Fraud

Why did neither the Democrats or Republicans use this to point out the obvious fraud and waste that has been going on for decades and doing a bill just targeting that for a start?

Not warning the people - Ross Perot

Ross Perot tried to warn the American people back when he ran, the people ignored him and both the Democrats and Republicans tried to crush him. I guess, it had to happen this way, America brought down by you sons of hell.

You have not warned the people the government has not invested or saved the money it has collected from Social inSecurity, it has peed it away and stuck IOUs in the drawers.

You have ignored Ross Perot, you have ignored people like me, you have even ignored people like Ron Paul that keep saying we have nothing left and even that is being sold and mortgaged.

Future Campaign Speeches

If you want to give campaign speeches, how about giving speeches about what Ross Perot said back in 1992 in his book "United We Stand" Page 13 when the debt was "only" 6 trillion dollars:

"We've allowed ourselves to be lulled into thinking that the bills would never come due. We've been led to believe we could keep on borrowing our children's money to finance a lifestyle we haven't earned and can't afford. It can't go on."

Why don't you talk about how both the Democrats and Republicans have racked up $14 trillion in debt that can never be repaid?

Why don't you talk about forgone revenue?

Why don't you talk about how Social Security is stuffed with useless IOUs and those people living month to month that depend upon it and trusted the USA government, will starve when the dollar collapses and will fall into the clutches of the anti-Christ to fill their stomachs?

How about telling people you were part of the problem and not the solution since you are not warning people about the coming doom and fall of America and have helped spend it into doom. How we are all part of the problem?

The Future

My concern is to remove the foot of government from the necks of our children. It is not my children I am really worried about, I school them every day in the word of God. I warn them all the time not to fall for the anti-Christ and to wait for the true return of Jesus.

What concerns me is the children that do not have a person like me to warn them, children that we have raised up ignorant both in the word of God, our God given Constitution, and manifest destiny (look that up sometime).

Explain why someone is so irreplaceable they should be in Congress going on for 30 years and why we have a person in Congress since 1955, before I was even born.

You are not warning people and Senator John McCain it is time for you to go.

Respectfully yours,

John Brown



"There are two ways

to conquer

and enslave a nation.

One is by the sword.

The other is by debt"

President John Adams


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