"And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people

who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment

as a way to explain their frustrations."

-- Barack Obama, April 2, 2008

Talking Points #22 - 2010-03-20

Instructions for Elected Christians-Doctors-Governors-Patriots

What to do if Obama Care passes, advice from a poor (self) unemployed patriot that loves God, Jesus, and the USA.

Elected Christians

Mandatory enrollment in Obama Care is slavery to the state, serfdom, and unconstitutional. It is a tax for breathing. If you are an elected Christian your duty is clear. Say no to ANY bill, no matter what the merit, unless it cuts spending clearly and outright and nothing else. Like one that fires 1/2 the staff of the EPA that oppresses state and local government, business, private property owners, and outdoors men.

No doctor fix, no abortion language fix, no judges, nothing for your district, no unemployment extension, no war bill extensions, nothing. Shut down the government until the Nov. elections, if you get voted out for it, so be it.

It is your sworn God given duty to protect the Constitution.

To do less is to be lumped in with the traitors and quislings and we will deal with you the same way as we deal with them, you and anyone associated with you will be considered enemies of God and state.



You took an oath to do no harm, do no harm to the union. Do not feed the beast. At the very least, do not take new patients or anyone on a government plan, including Medicare, do not feed the beast, it is going to eat you the same as it is gnawing on us. It needs money. I have pointed out just the clearly stated things in a previous talking points about how Obama Care is meant to rob you.

As I have said, socialists always think doctors earn too much. Have you noticed they have targeted you that earn over $200,000, even though you support probably many people and do the work of God healing people, but, members of Congress just happen to earn just under $200,000 a year and they have excluded themselves again from the laws they create? TRAITORS.

Spend your spare time, not reading War and Peace, but, the complete works of Count Lyof Nikolayevitch Tolstoi. Then you will understand MLK, Gandhi, and true non-violent resistance.

Saddam forced doctors to cut off the ears of his enemies, do not put yourself in that position. Socialists always get around to forcing doctors to do their evil deeds, including abortions, from Stalin, through Hitler, to Mao, the SOP never changes. Once they have control, they educate the children starting in grade school, like they are doing now, then "teach" them to be socialist doctors of hell, and kill the Christians that object, just quit now.

You can always reserve your practice to people that take a Patriotic oath, pay in cash, or are existing insurance plan customers with you. I will gladly pay you in cash, so you can pay others in cash, so the government can't eat your hand that makes the cash.


It is your sworn duty to protect the citizens of your state, that includes against the Federal government.

a) Recall your national guard troops where ever they are. They should not be involved with these foreign wars, the founding fathers would have a fit, and they have been away from home too long.

National Guard state troops, their loyalty is to the state first, not the Federal government. Tell them to come home and to protect their borders and their state citizens against the Federal government. If they are not allowed to come home, then tell them not to go on patrol, to only defend their fellow soldiers and bases, and nothing else. Come home ASAP.

Read the complete works of Count Lyof Nikolayevitch Tolstoi. Then you will understand MLK, Gandhi, and how not to be a quisling. We need them home to protect the Constitution. Fire anyone that does not comply and tell them not to come home and issue an arrest warrant, as is your right.

b) Pass laws against mandatory enrollment in anything Federal that includes Obama Care, the draft, social security, etc.

c) Do not allow your senators, which were suppose to be elected by the state to represent the state interest like the founding fathers wanted, to pass tort reform. It is a state right to decide civil law within your borders, which they all seem to gloss over when talking about health care including so called "REPUBLICians". See where ignoring our founding fathers have gotten us and the states? You really think you are smarter then Ben Franklin or more blessed then William Penn? Obama Care and unfunded mandates were the reason senators were suppose to be elected by the state.

d) Pass state laws allowing the manufacture and owning of firearms and ammunition free of registration to the Federal government as long as it stays within the state borders. If you feel the need to register firearm owners, do the background checks, but, do not share the information with the Federal government. Have the ability to destroy it in a moment's notice. If a gun it is made, sold, and used within your state it is none of the Federal government's business, you keep track of whatever you "DEEM" appropriate. I guarantee gun makers will flock to your state and boost the economy and forsake states such as Massachusetts. Your state will reap the taxes, not the socialists and Obama.

e) Many states have militias and the ability to activate them in a crisis. Do it now and arm them, see "D". It is your state right.

f) Make it law anyone with a concealed weapon permit can carry it anywhere, this will protect your state society against bad people when the economy collapses. AS IT WILL NOT MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, WE OWE $14 TRILLION DOLLARS. Read up on George Washington. Make it a state law anyone that is not a felon does not need a license for open carry, Washington and Jefferson would approve.

g) Public death penalties for 1st degree murders, rapists, and kidnappers caught with their victims. It is in the Bible, do these things and evil will flee from your state. Will you believe the theology of liberals or the word of God?

h) Declare as enemies of the state, for life, the people that have openly violated the USA Constitution and they are to be arrested as soon as they pass within your state borders. Issue warrants for:

Enemy #1 Obama

Enemy #2 Schumer - I heard you talking about subverting and violating the bill of rights.

Enemy #3 Pelosi

Enemy #4 Reid

Enemy #5 Tom Harkin for stating you are a god that gives rights.

Enemy #6 anyone that votes for Obama Care.

Governors, you are the last wall between freedom and slavery, the Constitution was designed to prevent the people from becomes slaves to the Federal government, by having states as the individual right holders for everything not clearly stated that the government could do, and giving all duties and rights not declared to the state and individuals.

You must realize by now, all the unfunded mandates are destroying your state the same as the stimulus package was designed to do. Read the Constitution, you actually have the ability to collect any money to be paid to the Federal government FIRST, then the STATE decides how much to pay to the Federal government.

Whatever is paid by a state citizen to the Federal government in taxes, you can actually withhold all or part of what you see fit. I have not mentioned this before, and no one else has, but, I am telling you now. Look it up and see if you can do it.


please help save us from slavery,

it is your duty to God

and then the State.




"There are two ways

to conquer

and enslave a nation.

One is by the sword.

The other is by debt"

President John Adams


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