"And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people

who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment

as a way to explain their frustrations."

-- Barack Obama, April 2, 2008

Talking Points #20 2010-03-18

Doctors & Health providers "Let me be clear" - It is 1984 & UR screwed

Well, Obama Nation finally figured out that Fox News provides fair and balanced coverage and that is why so many Independents such as me watch it, which is who they have to reach. I think they even figured out Glen Beck is not a news anchor.

I have noticed right before Obama lies or deceives about something, it is usually preceded by "Let me be clear" or "Let us be clear" when he feels the need to talk down to the ignorant. So, what was said after "Let me be clear" on Fox News today, 2010-03-17 ?

"not transforming health care in one fell swoop". OOPS!

They sure aren't, this is the foot in the door. Why should you as a doctor worry?

Because of the past history of every country taken over by socialist, marxist, or muslim radicals. The first to go are all "educated" people that do not fall in line, this usually means the teachers and doctors are the first to be "re-educated". Pol Pot re-educated people by the 100s of thousands.

I just want to point out that your census survey for Dr. Someone, is now tied into GPS records at the census bureau. Think they can search for "Dr." in the data bases? Any one that wants to visit you for a "talk", they don't even need to speak English or read a map.

Did you know Obama signed an executive order freeing INTERPOL from all USA laws including the ones the CIA has to follow?

When the economy collapses I am sure armed UAVs can find your house with GPS coordinates too. I hope you don't think you can go hide in your remote cabin somewhere when some socialist decides you don't deserve that hourly rate, house, pool, or Land Rover.

Can you name one socialist country where doctors are not one of the lowest paid workers? What do you think that student loan thing and getting the education for free if you work for the government is about? Socialists and Marxists always think doctors make too much, if you are not a party member.

Obama Care 1984 = get in line

That new high tech task force to route out fraud by informants just announced, did you know that was already in Obama Care? I complained about "due process" being twisted around by Obama Care and how they were mocking "burden of proof", twice, in the Senate version of Obama Care.


Well, they finally removed the term "due process" and replaced it with goobly gook instead.

Did you know someone can falsely inform on you, even lie on purpose, and under Obama Care you have no legal recourse against that individual, even when you prove yourself innocent and that they lied? You are at the blackmail revenge from any fired employee.

Plus, you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent and your only course of appeal is to the Secretary, which is the person that accuses you and fines you, Sweet!

If a bunch of doctors get together to run a health plan and hospital, what could you ever fear? Page 1760


What if you are innocent, consider your plan solid, and disagree?

‘‘(c) BURDEN OF PROOF.—The burden of proof in any hearing conducted under subsection (b) shall be on the party requesting the hearing to show cause why the cease and desist order should be set aside.

How about if your health plan is a bargain at $4,000 a year, covers everything, and is offered to anyone employed at your hospital or HMO? Surely the government will find no fault with that, correct?

"(A) IN GENERAL.—The Secretary shall establish a separate appeals process for employers who are notified under subsection (e)(4)(C) that the employer may be liable for a tax imposed by section 4980H of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 with respect to an employee because of a determination that the employer does not provide minimum essential coverage through an employer-sponsored plan or that the employer does provide that coverage but it is not affordable coverage with respect to an employee.

So, if you have an employee that earns $8 an hour and $16,640 per year, you are going to be better off just dumping your own plan and sucking the government teat option OR just give the person that health care plan for free.

Welcome to wealth redistribution.

If the government determines you spent too much money and give your patients too much care and your claims fall within the top 5%, which can be adjusted whenever they choose, they can take away your money by fining (deducting a %) you for every claim for the whole year.

Thinking about quitting if Obama care passes? Excellent, that is exactly what they want, you are going to be replaced with registered nurses and "apprentices". Go read Senate bill 3590 yourself and see.

Medical Workers

Think you being a receptionist that you are not included too? You better get good at being a boot licking Quisling. You will be the one telling Grand Ma no more health care for you because there are not enough quality life years left. You will be the one looking it up on a chart. You have to be registered and finger printed too. Get ready to be part of the death panels, it is still in there.


(A) shall be designed to engage patients,caregivers, and authorized representatives in informed decision making with health care providers;

(B) shall present up-to-date clinical evidence about the risks and benefits of treatment options in a form and manner that is age-appropriate and can be adapted for patients, caregivers, and authorized representatives from a variety of cultural and educational backgrounds to reflect the varying needs of consumers and diverse levels of health literacy;

(C) shall, where appropriate, explain why there is a lack of evidence to support one treatment option over another; and

(D) shall address health care decisions across the age span, including those affecting vulnerable populations including children.


You have to read the whole tomb of hell to get at what this means. I will translate.

As an example, if there is no evidence that a heart by-pass surgery extends your life long enough to cover the cost of the surgery and you no longer contribute to society by working, you are screwed. If they think you will only live another 3 years, say from 75 to 78 with the surgery, you are not getting a $50,000 operation.

If you want a knee replacement and are 70+, expect to be put on the aspirin plan.

Welcome to Marxism.




"There are two ways

to conquer

and enslave a nation.

One is by the sword.

The other is by debt"

President John Adams


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