"And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people

who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment

as a way to explain their frustrations."

-- Barack Obama, April 2, 2008

Talking Points #19 - 2010-03-14

$2.80 gas, unemployed 10%, 14T$ , ObamaCare - hard truths

The Census vs. Obama Care

The census is budgeted for $12,800,000,000 from 2009 to 2011 (see budget-summary.pdf page 28), we have 300,000,000 people. That means it is costing at least $42 per person to have one piece of paper filled out and recorded. If a real business did it the total cost would probably be about $2 per person for $600,000,000. The government cost is $12 billion more then it should be or 21x more expensive then the private sector would be doing the same thing.

Another example of government overrun and inefficiency. Not to mention the advertising campaign went to someone that worked for Hillary Clinton, so surprise surprise, they have wasted more money on TV advertising then ever because they get their % of that from the budget. Crony payback at it's finest and the fleecing of the American money borrower (from China - can't be called a tax payer). All those census jobs will be used to artificially deflate the job numbers before elections and you just have to wonder where all those GPS devices will go or how many will get "lost".

Deceiving Liars

During the health care "summit" I released Congress's own report on health care fraud. Obama used it for his earlier talking points in 2008 about electric scooters and both Democrats and Republicans knew about it and spent 2008 posturing and nothing else.

Now that the USA sees both sides hypocrisy, we have fraud bi-partisan support of fraud bounty hunters. Does this mean, the white house, democrats, and republicans acknowledge the government can't control spending in the programs it creates? Or that it will not assume responsibility for the problem and fix it because it requires hard choices. I say both.

An excellent example of why not to trust government with socialist Obama Care. Besides the fact mandatory enrollment is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and makes you a slave to the state. Which gives the government the means to raise the price of your citizenship at any time, just like the corrupt Roman empire that fell before us, which was ruled by a corrupt senate. After the corn husker kick back and all the other evil produced on the eve of our Lord's birthday, maybe sen. reid should start wearing a toga, they could install a hot bath and invite all the senate to a tickle fight.

Drill Here Drill Now - not Obama Care

How many oil wells have been drilled, since Congress and Obama decided to not concentrate on the real issue of high gas prices, = 0.

Gas is now hitting $2.80 a gallon again even though demand is down, why? Because the USA dollar is buying less because it is worth less with the government's excessive spending over budget and generational borrowing. Because poor people earning under $50,000 a year, spend much of their income on gas, this hits them the hardest because you are unlikely to get a raise at Walmart to cover the cost of driving your kids to school or spending more on the groceries that went up in price because of the fuel price increase, because the dollar is buying less outside the USA.

Unemployment still at 10%

Instead of concentrating at putting the USA back to work, Obama and Congress have dithered away the time with Obama Care even though more people working would mean more tax dollars coming in. The StimUwaste was designed for failure by Apollo and has succeeded in what it was meant to do. Expand government with wasteful spending that created and extended government jobs to help collapse our government under the weight of it's spending. It has pretty much done it.

- $1,400,000,000,000 over budget

$1.4 trillion over budget and Congress has wasted all this time on Obama Care, neither side has offered any real spending cuts. Except Democrats want to cut $500 billion from Medicare and strand the most vulnerable of society without medical care, after promising it for life. Spending has increased and there are roughly 2.5 million people working for the Federal government, the highest number in the history of the USA.

The hard truths of Obama Care

#1 hard truth

We are at this point because sen. harry reid decided to pick Obama not based on content of character (MLK) but, because he did not look or sound black (thanks to the niece of MLK for educating us on this one). He picked a socialist not ready for prime time. Colin Powell (a good leader) or even Bill Cosby (frank and honest) might have been better choices and they probably would not be stuck in this ideology rut.

We have sen. harry reid to thank for bringing Chicago politics, socialism, more lying, and more corruption to the white house, thanks harry! pelosi is responsible for this mess too. She could have given "her" president, the 1st black president, a simple bill everyone could agree on so it would be a feather in Obama's hat, she did not. I blame these two evil people, reid and pelosi, more then I do Obama for this mess.

#2 hard truth

Obama Care's mandatory enrollment is slavery to the state, serfdom, the very thing the Civil War was about, the very thing July 4th 1776 was about. People will be born into being owned by the Federal government instead of being born into freedom. To be a citizen in good standing you have to buy something and the government tells you what and how much. To avoid from being arrested just for breathing, you have to buy your freedom each year. It is worse then black slavery because at least a black man such as Frederick Douglas (read about him teaching the Bible to slaves) only had to buy it once.

#3 hard truth

The hard truth of Obama Care neither side will tell you outright, I will. It is racist. It goes back to this:

There is no doubt in my mind that as a member of the black community, I am obligated to this community and will utilize all of my present and future resources to benefit the black community first and foremost".-- Michelle Obama

"The truth is, in order to get things like universal health care and a revamped education system, then someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more." -- Michelle Obama

Most of the people without health care plans are:

1) illegal aliens

2) homosexuals with AIDs

3) Black and Hispanic women with AIDs

4) the Black community at large

Obama Care is meant to take money from richer white people and give it to poorer black people, to redistribute wealth just like Michelle Obama promised she would do.

Since Martin Luther King died, who was named after a famous white Protestant (Martin Luther) that believed in individual free will and that you could not buy God's grace, the progressive liberals and the Congressional Black Congress (CBC) have managed to turn most Black urban areas into cesspools of violence and despair and rip apart the nuclear black family.

(see www.yankhank.com)

If the President was just honest and said one of his main goals as a black President was to lift up "his" Black (please note Obama is probably not from the tribe of Ham) people from poverty, most Americans would not have a problem with it as long as it was not socialist. Some like me (http://www.yankhank.com/docs/platform00.html) would even come up with solutions fair to all, while targeting the Black community, without being socialist.

How about this instead.

1) School vouchers - figure out exactly how much in Federal aid each student receives on average and send the check directly to whoever the parent chooses. Let them decide if their local school is worth it, or if a local private school is, or if a church run school is, or if one parent wants to stay home and do home schooling.

I know a black family that home schools their girls, with their own little classroom, my young "white" girls have played at their house. They are very serious about their "black" childrens eduction.

Once poor urban black parents in violent areas such as Detroit, Chicago, and New Orleans have control of the purse strings you will see a huge improvement in not only the crime rate, but, test scores. It will empower them to remove their children from bad and non-performing environments. That is true empowerment.

2) Police vouchers - Do the same with police funds. Let people decide if they rather have a private security patrol for their area or a public one. Think your local police are racist and misusing racial profiling, killing or Tasering more people then needed, then the neighborhood gets together, fires the local police, and hires a private bonded trained security company with the money instead. Then if something happens that neighbors do not like, they can tell the company fire that person, no if ands or buts or you are fired. Do you think a head of a private security firm will buy Blackberries for police officers like a public police force just did, when a poor black mother will slap him upside the head for wasting HER money, I think not. That is true empowerment.

3) Eliminate abortion - Abortion has completely destroyed the black nuclear family, the CDC rates speak for themselves and you will never convince me it was not done intentionally, especially after knowing the history of Planned Parenthood.

( www.yankhank.com)

Eliminating the 1st degree murder of Black babies


will help save black families. That is true family values.

4) Eliminate all deductions for working people under 21 years of age (except court orders) and extend it to 25 to those that stay married so children are not born out of wedlock. So they have real fathers. Reverse the destruction of the black nuclear family and stop the spread of AIDs ,which is caused by sex outside marriage. That is true family values.

These four things are based on Christian values and moderate Ronald Reagan ideals and will do more for poor black people then socialist Obama Care ever will.

Passing Obama Care will just force citizens and states out of the union. Our first civil war was because Christians wanted to free people, maybe the next will be because we refuse to be enslaved.



"There are two ways

to conquer

and enslave a nation.

One is by the sword.

The other is by debt"

President John Adams


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