"And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people

who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment

as a way to explain their frustrations."

-- Barack Obama, April 2, 2008

Talking Points #17 2010-03-08

Quick Note: After I kept pointing out car insurance is not required in some states, now Obama nation has switched to driver licenses as an example instead. The democRATS complained about a voter ID card with photo to prevent election fraud, as being oppressive to poor people in Georgia. Now you say ObamaCare is like having a state issued photo ID, which is totally optional?

Rats and Obama Care Quislings leaving the sinking ship

The rats are leaving a sinking ship after they have eaten all the stores and have now eaten a hole into the bottom of the ship.

No matter if you "want to spend more time with your family" (translation: run and hide) or "devote yourself to your state's interest" (translation: find another government tit to suck), when this economy and dollar collapses, we know where you live.

Mandatory enrollment in Obama Care is unconstitutional

and is a tax for breathing,

making all the USA population a slave and serf to the Federal government.

Anyone that votes for this is a traitor and quisling that is violating their oath of office. We will remember your actions and will track you down no matter where you go, for life.

If you fear the left wing nuts that know no bounds and think it is proper to go after Joe Lieberman's family (wife) over an issue, what do you think the response will be when you try to enslave a freedom loving people and you collapse the economy through lies and reckless spending?

After Joe Stack, it would do you good, since we have sold our grand children into slavery to China, to remember a Chinese proverb

"The most dangerous man is one with nothing to lose".

When the dollar and economy collapses and people lose everything, they will be coming after you and the other socialists. We will not forget people like Evan Bayh that voted for the tire tariff just to benefit unions, we will not forget people like Evan Bayh that voted for the stimUwaste, and we will certainly not forget people like Evan Bayh that voted for ObamaCare.

It is no longer about politics, it is about freedom and saving our country.

The best thing you progressive rats (Democrat and Republican) can do now is stay home, do not go back to Congress, and do not vote on anything other then cutting the spending deficit to zero and do not borrow any more money from China.

After Joe Stack, we have a mentally unbalanced liberal woman (I would dare say evil) kill three companion college professors over her tenure since she felt she had nothing to lose. She even went to the gun range before hand.

Then an untrained mentally unbalanced John Patrick Bedell walks into all places, the Pentagon, and opens fire with a hand gun on armed police and manages to wound two of them. Another person that committed suicide that felt they had nothing to lose by killing someone in their oppressive government.

When the country collapses from civil war, because we absolutely will not tolerate mandatory enrollment in Obama Care, or because the dollar and economy collapses from your massive spending and borrowing, how safe will you be compared to those two well armed and trained officers? Especially against 1,000s of people with a real bone to pick with you that have lost everything? Are those special interests and lobbyists going to be laying down their lives to protect you and your own, like those brave and well trained Pentagon officers serving their country?

You will not have protection with law enforcement, you will not have protection with the armed services, and you will not have protection with God. Unless you think they are going to thank you for the pain and suffering you have caused their own families and the USA. For what it is worth, many have taken a vow not to oppress or fire upon patriots. You are on your own.

So, when a demon possessed person such as maybe John Patrick Bedell decides to commit suicide and take you out or a Joe Stack who thinks he has nothing to lose decides to crash a plane into your home, we will not stop them or even pee on the resulting flames. Though we will on your memory and grave and give you the burial you deserve.

All the laws you have passed to track U.S. citizens, well, all that technology can also be used to track you and all the property you have purchased including secretive getaways, just like the government tracks us and our cell phones. I keep wondering how much gold and silver these rich lawyers in Congress, such as Rep. Alan Grayson since he was so sensitive to a reporter's article, have squirreled away at their homes? Since they surely know the USA debt they helped pile up can never be paid off.

Since 1992 people like me have been doing everything we can to convince our government to stop the insanity. I even wrote a letter to President Clinton comparing the USA to the whore of Babylon spreading our filth around the world. Oh, the heady days of being a baby Christian! So, I think what we have here is a failure to communicate. Let me explain it this way.

How many of these government workers, let us say CIA officers, will want to track members of Congress down when the country collapses, when their loved ones are killed in riots or they lose their houses, investments, and pensions, are broke, and only have what they could carry. I would greatly fear these type of patriots because they make things disappear for a living.

Do you think you will have any friends? How many poor, hungry, unemployed, and homeless people will sell you out for an ounce of gold or 100 pounds of food? As they say, you can't outrun Motorola and you can't outrun 1,000 patriots in your state that want to tar and feather you. So, to sum it up.

Your enslavement of us is a declaration of war and we now declare it on you. There is no quarter and there is no compromise with rats and quislings.

Just quit right now and stay home or better yet, flee the country and take your gene pool with you.



"There are two ways

to conquer

and enslave a nation.

One is by the sword.

The other is by debt"

President John Adams


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