"And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people

who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment

as a way to explain their frustrations."

-- Barack Obama, April 2, 2008

Talking Points #09 - 2010-02-21

Understanding Joe Stack - who is to blame, familycides, and God's Protection

God's Grace

When Bush won the 2nd time, I had been praying not for him to win, but for God to give us the best leader out of the people running, in God's judgment. I know probably thousands of others were doing the exact same thing. Both of his elections were certainly close cliff hangers. We prayed day and night until polls closed. I accepted the choices afterwards.

Please note I voted for Ross Perot twice, but, not the 3rd time because I did not want Bush to lose NH where it was a 1% lead, simply because I was not going to put up with more closings of America's land to Americans in the name of "green", under Gore.

I voted for McCain Palin in the hopes eventually Palin would be President. I certainly did not vote for him, I voted for Huckabee in the primary. Huckabee? Because he actually has experience at being a governor and I wanted an honest man of God in office, that would bring the country together and not separate it. That would tell the people the truth about the state of the union. So, I could only 1/2 heartily even mention it in my heart that I hoped McCain would win. I did not bother fasting starting from the previous day (that means no food or water period) and praying, I went to bed resigned to fate, it just was not in my heart to pray, it would have felt wrong somehow.

When I awoke after election night 2008, something seemed wrong. I have described it other places as being "flat" or quiet. Then I noticed some old black men were quiet and somber at the places I went. I still could not figure out if it was that they noticed too or they were not rubbing salt in the wound type of thing by being joyous at Obama's election. They avoided eye contact so I could not tell.

Even in gas stations people were hardly talking. It was quiet. I get to the job site where I was cutting down trees, it was quiet even there, with hardly any birds singing. It was like being in a movie, two dimensional. The roosters I could hear above my chainsaws all the previous days, they were quiet. All the birds in general were quiet.

It was then I started to formulate the idea that something was removed, that it was probably God's grace somehow, and we were finished. I understand that God does not have to do anything to destroy us, that he just has to remove his protecting hand. Then Satan will gladly jump in and have his way and be happy with the destruction he causes with his evil spirits. I feel we were on our own, just like we wanted to be.


This is a term used to describe when a family is wiped out by a family member, that includes both parents and all the children. Usually the father kills all the children and the mother and then he commits suicide. We use to have 4-6 in one year across the country. We now have at least one a week. I was tracking them so I could see if there was a pattern, I just gave up. Too many of them, the media has now dropped the term, and I don't feel like tracking them anymore. I just wanted YOU to know, FamilyCides are now 10x or more then they use to be and if you hear one of these blamed on the economy then know you hear a fool talking or worse a liar.

I have noticed a lot of car accidents that have wiped out the family of those in the military, wife and all the kids. I have not figured if it has been just chance many times over or there is something behind it. We just had another one here where a GA state van wiped out the whole family of a navy man. Satan may be targeting the military for whatever reason, maybe to break morale, I just wanted to point that out.

What the flag and airplane graphic means

The whole basis of our country was to revolt from taxes. We now have a system in place, written by lawyers (scribes and pharisees) that takes more from us and is more complicated then anything the British subjects revolted against in 1776 to start this nation.

The 13 colonies that became the 13th states on the flag, almost all had charters stating they were being founded for the promotion of Christ. It is even in most of the early state Constitutions. Even people such as President Jefferson wrote and printed Bibles for the Indians in their native language.

You will hear people say Joe Stack was a loser, ranting, rambling, insane, a terrorist, socialist, etc. to take away from his actions and truth. To compare him to McVeigh, nothing is further from the truth. Read it for yourself, it is a lot less rambling then Obama's 2010 SOTU speech, it certainly had less "I"s. If you want to call Obama a socialist and argue that point from both speeches, then Stack would come out the capitalist. He actually worked as a capitalist for a living making his own money. The last two sentences of his suicide note was mocking both systems. He tried to be a capitalist and the IRS crushed him, get it?

We have now reached a sorry point where an American citizen, feels so oppressed and taxed, he is willing to kill himself like a Patriot to take out his enemy, the IRS. To take at least some of them with him, which he did. I have read a lot of USA history, this is a first time as far as I know where someone killed themselves to kill IRS workers.

That is what that flag's crosses symbolizes. 13 originals states, founded on Christ and freedom from taxation without representation, those states in spirit are now dead, both in deed and body since we now tax people to death, literally, and have forsaken Christ and God upon which this country was founded.

We are responsible for this sorry state because we never read the Bible, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the written works of the people that founded this country, starting with the colonists that directly warned against this borrowing and taxing.

Joe Stack felt alone and isolated and hopeless and angry. Which is what you usually are when separated from God, without hope and angry. This is the time Satan whispers in someone's ear saying they should get even, puts the plan into their mind and says "why not do this and get even". Some angry men will utterly reject it and ask the question "what about the innocent women and children", then Satan moves on to a McVeigh that does not ask that question when Satan is in his mind. I am sure he did the same to Joe Stack, he used his anger to blind him to reality and the truth. It is Biblical.

Why was Joe Stack so angry at the Catholic Church, even though he was an orphan that went to a Catholic school. I know many people hit with rulers across the knuckles by nuns, none of them expressed such a hatred. In many cases, they held the opposite view.

Could it be he was molested by a priest like so many thousands and that pent up anger ate away at the man every chance it got? Why he decided to do such an ungodly act and not think about the women and the children.

We have a lot of Muslim sleeper cells waiting to do damage in the USA, either covertly or openly. When they see people deriding Stack, do you think it discourages them from the same type of attack? No, they are sitting there saying "These corrupt people just don't get it". They are correct.

How do you think Joe Stack felt about this. He turns on the TV and sees Pelosi signing Obama Care and her right hand man is smiling Rep. Charles Rangel. The man in charge of writing the tax laws, the head of the House Ways and Means committee. What does this pharisee do? "Forgets" to report income on a $600,000 tropical vacation home and four rent controlled apartments.

His quisling response "I sincerely regret and take personal responsibility for these errors," he said. And then, "I personally feel that I have done nothing morally wrong.".

As many holes as Tiger Woods has sunk his balls into, I could still shake his hand without feeling all that dirty, I would not want to touch Charlies Rangel with a ten foot pen.

You know who is responsible for Joe Stack, every black member of the Congressional Black Caucus that has not kicked his black behind out of the CBC.

You know who is responsible, every white congressman that calls him friend and is buddy buddy with him, like the smiling Pelosi and Reed.

You know who is responsible, every white (more so because it is still a white man's country), black, yellow, red, heterosexual, homosexual, transsexual, Christian, Muslim, Mormon, Quaker, agnostic, and atheist who has not kicked their quislings out of office and for putting up with this outrage.

There is no mystery behind Joe Stack, it is exactly what he did and wrote.

Joe Stack was a slave that revolted against his oppressing master, a person that would rather die free then live in chains of bondage. The spirit of our Christian union is dead, Joe is dead, we share the blame, and that is the simple "no-spin" truth.



"There are two ways

to conquer

and enslave a nation.

One is by the sword.

The other is by debt"

President John Adams


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