The Obama Doctrine : Spiritual and Union Corruption from the Keynesian Socialist.

"And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations." -- from fake long form birth certificate -- Barack Obama, April 2, 2008

"A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government." -- 1st President George Washington


Proof conception begins at birth with the soul placed into the body. Mary was 24 hours pregnant with my Lord Jesus Christ:

Luke 1:36-55 (KJV)

36 And, behold, thy cousin Elisabeth, she hath also conceived a son in her old age: and this is the sixth month with her, who was called barren. 37 For with God nothing shall be impossible.


Obama: * Cacodemon In Charge of the Whore of Babylon (WoB)

(*n:1. Evil spirit 2. in medicine, formerly, a nightmare, 3. a malevolent spirit or person)

Curse of the Zeroes “ – God's judgment against the USA aka Whore of Babylon

Understanding our history and slavery, using the Bible & "numerics" # 1(click here)

Understanding our history, slavery, using the Bible & "numerics" # 2(click here)

Curse of the Zeroes – Part 3 – America Judged to be Murderers by God (click)

Curse of the Zeroes Part 3 – America Judged to be Murderers by God (.PDF format) (click)

Curse of the Zeroes – Part 4 – Zechariah 13 - what kills the whore (aka USA) of Babylon? (click)

Curse of the Zeroes – Part 5 - the whore of Babylon and NYC's seven mountains (click)

President #5 James Monroe vs Obama and the #250 (click here)

Thanksgiving Information - Mrs. Hale and President Lincoln (click here)

TQO#283 “Curse of the Zeroes” - the reason Obama renamed Mount McKinley (click)


ObamaCare evils – the condensed version in .DOC format (click)

ObamaCare evils – the condensed version in .ODT format (click)

DBO#001 How to take your country back from evil and Obama ? (click)

The Evils of Obama Care (click here)


Truths about Social Security & Abortion they will not tell (click here)


TP#01 Don't ask - Don't tell (click here)

TP#02 Liar, Liar, corpse man on fire-Trust but Verify (click here)

TP#03 God answers Obama prayers - global warming has ended (click here)

TP#04 Obama densest intellectual ever, & Congress (click here)

TP#05 Obama - does he need a rainbow now? (click here)

TP#06 Obama - I want ... to be completely agnostic (click here)

TP#07 Insidious school Indoctrination of children (click here)

TP#08 What a Christian and Patriot should think of Joe Stack (click here)

TP#09 Understanding Joe Stack - who is to blame, familycides, and (click here)

TP#10 Dear Comrade Michelle - why kids are really fat (click here)

TP#11 EVIL happened again and how to stop it. (click here)

TP#12 Do not elect lawyers - they didn't land on the moon (click here)

TP#13 3rd grade class - Obama Nation Indoctrination (click here)

TP#14 - What our soldiers face in Iraq (click here)

TP#15 Pushing $green into China's pocket & sovereignty issues (click here)

TP#16 Fire a Republican (click here)

TP #17 Rats & Quislings leaving the sinking ship (click here)

TP#18 Obama's Blasphemy and why Judges have tenure - DOI (click here)

TP#19 $2.80 gas, unemployed 10%, 14T$ , ObamaCare -truths (click here)

TP#20 Obama Care and Why such social decay in black urban areas? (click)

TP#21 Doctors & providers "Let me be clear"-Its 1984 & UR screwed (click)

TP#22 Instructions for Elected Christians-Doctors-Governors-Patriots (click)

TP#23 Fart Stupid -baby killer -hot air QUISLING BABY KILLER (click)

TP#24 Why the GOP is still so 90s (click)

TP#25 Republican Senators - pay back Evan Bayh - the war is on (click)

TP#26 Why the Census is costing $14+ BILLION (and going up every day) (click)

TP#27 Patriotism - Slavery of our Times - Lyof N Tolstoi (click here)

TP#28 Freedom -Old white guy 2 black youth - you are enslaved (click here)

TP#29 Doctors - You can repeal the bill and save us (click here)

TP#30 Open Letter to Sen. John McCain - it is time to go (click here)

TP#31 Tea Party - don't forget the crazy aunt in the basement (click HEAR)

TP#32 Tea Party members - Dan Quayle is a liar (click here)

TP#33 Michael Steele of the GOP - another "me" victim? (click here)

TP#34 Homosexuals & pedophilia - is the Pope correct - Obama? (click here)

TP#35 Bill Clinton - part of the reason to demonize government (click here)

TP#36 What God thinks about Obama keeping Goldman Sachs $ ? (click here)

TP#37 Eyjafjallajokull - should Obama ask the EPA to sue God ? (click here)

TP#38 Christians-back stabbing PBS, Mexicans,true citizens (click here)

TP#39 How green is Al Gore, global warming chicken little, Obama's buddy? (click)

TP#40 What would George Washington do about Iran? (click here)

TP#41 Democrats -original party of racists -speak with forked tongue! (click)

TP#42 The play - Rape Victim and the Police Chief (click here)

TP#43 Best quote of the week from a Republican! (click here)

TP#44 What we should do about Iran - Bible & G. Washington (click here)

TP#45 Invading Mexicans & priests-please follow Pelosi's advice! (click here)

TP#46 I bailed out Greece and all I got was this lousy shirt! (click here)

TP#47 Maurice Strong MMT - CCX Al Gore - fleecing your pocket (click here)

TP#48 Breaking News: Arizona declares war on Mexico ! (click here)

TP#49 (LMS) Micheal Mann discovers stealth secret in DNA ! (click here)

TP#50 Christian Education (click here)

TP#51 Wormwood and BP's disaster - Americans smart enough to learn? (click here)

TP#52 Why the border "solutions" have failed and how to fix the border (click here)

TP#53 Whirlpool worker "redistribution of wealth" and golden rule (click here)

TP#54 Social Justice Catholic Church changed in the past 72 years? (click here)

TP#55 I bet Louisiana wishes Obama listened to me on 01/13/10 (click here)

TP#56 For those not paying attention - three related things today (click here)

TP#57 Stunning incompetent progressives never had a real job (click here)

TP#58 Questions to ask Mr. "Titanic" Obama since he never lies (click here)

TP#59 Obama ignoring national security for political gain (click here)

TP#60 A question not asked about BP & Christian governors (click here)

TP#61 - Environmentalists - true story behind the whales & Obama (click here)

TP#62 - The corruption supporters in Congress - your rep. one ? (click here)

TP#63 Obama - your cronyism caused 11 negligent deaths (click here)

TP#64 - Solar flares and the government = Lies Lies and more Lies (click here)

TP#65 Obama Care unconstitutional under Article 1 Section 7 ? (click here)

TP#66 The "just suppose" for the paranoids "Who Are You" (click here)

TP#67 Violating Constitution & 100s advisors-he can't fail now! (click here)

TP#68 Why we should get out of Iraq and Afghanistan - yesterday (click here)

TP#69 1/2 truths Obama & Congress tells about OIL resources (click here)

TP#70 No hard feelings, Obama sends McChrystal to Switzerland (click here)

TP#71 Job Training cost: (2) 4 star generals &1000s gallons blood (click here)

TP#72 One of my letters from 1998 - a lesson in government (click here)

TP#73 Obama-you deserve - will give you the court you deserve (click here)

TP#74 The real story behind DOJ and dismissing charges for NBPP? (click)

TP#75 Obama, Glenn Beck, and Black Liberation Theology (click here)

TQO#76 - Noah & Canaan - what about Satan, Cain, & Obama ? (click here)

TQO#77 The worse RINO in Congress & RCC pedophiles (click here)

TQO#78 Beck, Sherrod, WUG, Reid, Obama, and BMI (click here)

TQO#79 Obama "Let me be clear" - "creature" of 1966 habit (click)

TQO#80 The CBC - Charlie Rangel, 2nd amendment, & Obama (click)

TQO# 81 A prime example why the StimUwaste has failed (click)

TQO#82 Mosque - wikileaks - when is a Republican, not a republican? (click)

TQO#83 NYC & Mosque -Pelosi the wife beater or God - who 2 believe (click)

TQO # 84 The lie Obama, Biden, Democrats use - Clinton's "surplus" (click)

TQO # 85 What are PorkGRESSIVES? (click)

TQO#86 The difference between Beck & Sharpton no one pointed out (click)

TQO # 87 - The absolute failure of Obama's Government Motors Volt (click)

TQO# 88 Under Obama - Reagan's deepest thoughts come true (click)

TQO #89 What blacks should know about Obama - Sharpton vs. Beck (click)

TQO # 90 Obama "They talk about me like a dog" (click)

TQO # 91 Bush #41 to Obama how far you have fallen? (click)

TQO#92 Becks's Jesus Moses Gandhi MLK and Collective Salvation (click)

TQO# 93 People with AIDS/HIV- I told you so - sheep in the minefield ! (click)

TQO#94 - The Republican Pledge = totally worthless = same as Obama (click)

TQO# 95 Government Motors tells truth about it's Yugo now (click)

TQO#96 Too bad Service Men aren't lazy listless good for nothings (click)

TQO#97 Obama: How to get out of Afghanistan or win the war (click)

TQO#98 Louisiana's biggest whore calling Obama's kettle black (click)

TQO#99 The real truth about Obama dropping "By their Creator" (click)

TQO#100 The Chile miners and what to consider election day (click)

TQO#101 Obama calling the kettle black (click)

TQO#102 Fox News being deceived (?) and Obama on Jon Stewart (click)

TQO#103 - Democrats such as John Kerry think you are stupid ? (click)

TQO#104 The Federal Bureau of Intimidation's 20 mm silenced cannon (click)

TQO#105 - The 10-02-2010 communist rally vs. The Bible (click)

TQO#106 Why Glenn Beck is wrong on "I am" ? Psalm 83 (click)

TQO#107 Some one didn't know why disaster was coming on Nov 3rd? (click)

TQO#108 Christine O'Donnell - witchcraft and masturbation (click)

TQO#109 How to save the Republic - for the "Republicans" (click)

TQO#110 Well ... I think I lost my election today .... for GA-4 (click)

TQO#111 Guy Fawkes Night - why it matters to Christian Americans (click)

TQO#112 Obama's India trip=Anti-Christian and a diss to UK & God (click)

TQO#113 "President" Reagan vs. Impostor Obama - a 2 minute debate (click)

TQO#114 Thank you Glenn Beck for showing George "Q" Soros (click)

TQO#115 Obama's Travesty of Justice - mocking God's law (click)

TQO#116 America's greatest asset is NOT it's citizens (click)

TQO#117 The new TSA scanners - I have "Total Recall", homers! (click)

TQO#118 Afghanistan - four more years - are you happy "liberals" ? (click)

TQO#119 Carl Rove - you lied "On The Record" (click)

TQO#120 Obama picks the correct twits for the "debt commission" (click)

TQO#121 TSA scanners - Obama no slacker, Constitution hacker Part 2 (click)

TQO#122 Obama's new oil ban - questions you should ask (click)

TQO#123 Why the democrats & Obama really want the estate tax (click)

TQO#124 The $1.1 Billion dollar bullet (click)

TQO#125 In Obama's Socialist America - ants lose - grasshoppers win (click)

TQO#126 The pork laden so called tax cut bill renewal (click)

TQO#127 God answers Obama's prayers - Global Warming is over -2x! (click)

TQO#128 - Nationwide solution to police union pensions and safety (click)

TQO#129 Obama and Quisling Congress leaving you in the dark? (click)

TQO#130 Giffords - the untold truth, the lies, Orwell & Sesame Street (click)

TQO#131 Giffords - Jail Jesse Jackson and Mrs. Obama - part #2(click)

TQO#132 Giffords - Why the LSM attacked Palin & Bachman part #3 (click)

TQO#133 Giffords - A prayer to God for the next vigil of Giffords # 4(click)

TQO#134 Giffords - Will more gun control work? part #5 (click)

TQO#135 Giffords - The solution - part 6 (click)

TQO#136 Giffords - Incredibly dense Congress doesn't get it still -part 7 (click)

TQO#138 America - our judgment is coming - God is not blind ! (click)

TQO#139 Our next Pearl Harbor - 01-20-2018? have we been warned? (click)

TQO#140 Giffords #8 - Obama perverts scripture again ! (click)

TQO#141 Giffords #9 - How blind our are leaders to justice? (click)

TQO#142 Giffords #10 What Obama said & what he should have said? (click)

TQO#143 My Obama SOTU Drinking Game is better then Rush's! (click)

TQO#144 Food taxes - the state version of QE2 - who loses?(click)

TQO#145 Democrats - your party platform forbids bailing out States! (click)

TQO#146 What a rich person can do for the people in Japan (click)

TQO#147 The idea of the 4 man ATV unit (click)

TQO#148 Libya no-fly zone - Insane McCain or Evil Obama ? (click)

TQO#149 Why the US military was neutered into a French lap dog (click)

TQO#150 Obama's code words "lost legitimacy" and duping QDaffy (click)

TQO#151 A slight correction to Beck's "70 Lost Books" & Revelations (click)

TQO#152 Libya - Obama gives QDaffy exactly what he asked for? (click)

TQO#153 Today Sen. "Snake-Eyes" Reid proves the Tea Party correct! (click)

TQO#154 Speaker Boehner sells out= foregone revenue-tips for Obama (click)

TQO#155 Forget the Fed, Audit Social Security and the 70 year IOUs ! (click)

TQO#156 Familicide-Familycide - up 10x since Obama elected (click)

TQO#157 Houston - you have a big problem - but it is not Obama? (click)

TQO#158 Japan save yourself (& USa) from the Kyoto Proctologist (click)

TQO#159 Where's the death certificate? BHO proves he is not one of us (click)

TQO#160 "I'm from the government and I'm here to help" (click)

TQO#161 A big THANK YOU to whoever called Rick Santorum in NH (click)

TQO#162 The Fed's Propaganda to your kids before Glenn Beck's show (click)

TQO#163 The real reason we executed Bin Laden and dumped the body (click)

TQO#164 No OBL photos=screwing with a woman's right to justice (click)

TQO#165 Don't eat the Chinese food (click)

TQO#166 Mr. Trump, please run for office, I beg you! If ... (click)

TQO#167 I agree with Ron Paul - sell the gold in Fort Knox (click)

TQO#168 To the elected "leader" that literally made a deal with Satan (click)

TQO#169 Obama: 1st President booed by the Boy Scouts, why ? (click)

TQO#170 May 24th 2008 = Obama's thin skin dig at Israel (click)

TQO#171 - Republicans and black men are not what they use to be? (click)

TQO#172 Was the disaster of the Giffords shooting preventable? (click)

TQO#173 Save our troops - before Obama kills them ! (click)

TQO#174 Social Justice - it's roots in a "confidence" man of 1847 (click)

TQO#175 How easy to manipulate media - including FoxNews? (click)

TQO#176 "180,000" the # of oppression and the end of this earth age? (click)

TQO#177 I removed the 555 from my previous article #175 (click)

TQO#178 Weiner: My Word is as good as (glenn beck's) Gold ! (click)

TQO#179 Rep. Weiner lies: He broke 2 laws and is impeachable (click)

TQO#180 Answer to Beck's passport question: Night of Broken Glass (click)

TQO#181 Mistake in WND's article about the forged birth certificate (click)

TQO#182 Glenn Beck's show and the 180,000 Assyrians (click)

TQO#183 So called Republicans help bring on The Wrath of God (click)

TQO#184 Corrupt Obama and his war on business jets (click)

TQO#185 The most dangerous unanswered question - nuclear power (click)

TQO#186 What Obama, Hillary, Soros, and the UN do not want to see (click)

TQO#187 Familicide - more Obama blessings for you (click)

TQO#188 - Obama misses the record for 3 Familicides in one week (click)

TQO#189 - Star Trek - Satan's Scorpion and Blasphemy against God (click)

TQO#190 - The Scorpion's sting in music, an example for Christians (click)

TQO#191 - Charlie Rangel - traitor to God and Country (click)

TQO#192 - To the FBI & CIA - Guess who will win the debt debate ? (click)

TQO#193 - Will you allow Boehner to sell your children to Satan? (click)

TQO#194 Why the Republicans are idiots and traitors (click)

TQO#195 Christians in the Tea Party -What Art Laffer never taught you (click)

TQO#196 - Obama - the kiss of death for the USA military (click)

TQO#197 -Why it is as hot as hell right now & Republicans are traitors2(click)

TQO#198 – Words that killed Gaddafi and the Ambassador (click)

TQO#199 – Now they decide Obama has ties to the Arabs? (click)

TQO#200 Obama's Uriah – the sodomized homo Ambassador Stevens ? (click)

TQO#201 – Ambassador Stevens – the real question holds the real answer (click)

TQO#202 – Black Christians: Mr. Daniel Romans says fire President homO-bama ? (click)

TQO#203 – Abortion – all about 1 line in the Bible – what could go wrong? (click)

TQO#204 – Tea Party: What to think about Cain's “truth tour” ? (click)

TQO#205 – Fox News is LYING on Benghazi and here is why Benghazi happened ? (click)

TQO#206 – Who should be punished for what happened to Ambassador Stevens ? (click)

TQO#207 – Obama: The 1860s are calling and it wants it's diary back! (click)

TQO#208 – Fox News Benghazi New Revelations – is 100% WRONG! Look - Proof of rape ! (click)

TQO#209 – My letter to Governor Romney (click)

TQO#209 – About the 3rd debate – Obama's smirking – Romney's stammering - Storm Sandy (click)

TQO#210 – ObamaCare – doctors and single black women – listen up (click)

TQO#211 – The most effective ad Romney could run (click)

TQO#212 – Christians - It is important you believe Pelosi's & the Clintons' words (click)

TQO#213 Give them credit for the biggest deception during the Presidential debates (click)

TQO#214 Dreams from MY father? My 1984 vs. BHO's fake LFBC (click)

TQO#215 - Sandy Hook – your WHYs? Answered – if you can stand the truth (click)

TQO#216 – Sandy Hook : Obama – the broken toy in the basement (click)

TQO#217 - Sandy Hook – Are you smarter then a 3rd grader? (click)

TQO#218 – Sandy Hook: Veterans - Restrictive gun laws at the base of the crime? (click)

TQO#219 – PSA: Cool American Made Guns designed for 100 round magazines (click)

TQO#220 – Have a (Mxxxx)-> Morose AK-47 Christmas with Obama ? (click)

TQO#221 – Christians – what if Jamie Foxx was telling the truth ? (click)

TQO#222 Mayan December 2012 prediction false? Did SHTF with an ill wind? (click)

TQO#223 New Years Eve 2012 – Don't die in the midst of your mirth with heathen (click)

TQO#224 2012-12-31 Obama mocks eunuch “Republican” chamberlains (click)

TQO#225 Sandy Hook: Peter Lanza, I'd like to have a word with you (click)

TQO#226 hand gun saves mother and kids – she needs a large capacity magazine! (click)

TQO#227 godless quisling Roman Senate, Speaker Boehner, and Newt sell out USA (click)

TQO#228 Banning HC magazines = being porked by a rat worshiping government (click)

TQO#229 ObamaCare working as intended – very bad thing for blacks ! (click)

TQO#230 woman's face proves the futility of gun control (click)

TQO#231 Want to understand the murder of two fire fighters ? (click)

TQO#232 Quisling “Current TV” Gore sells out USA to Satan (click)

TQO#233 Gun Control: Obama, his useful idiot children = baby killing bastards?*1 (click)

TQO#234 Pro-Life movement – why the 40+ years of failure ? (click)

TQO#235 How the media lies about familycides (click)

TQO#236 Gun OEMs, Gun Stores, Gun owners = suckered in by Obama (click)

TQO#237 Thank You God YHVH confirming my Obama=Lord of the Flies, so soon ! (click)

TQO#238 Christians and Pro-Life members – I beg you – Leave Sodom ! (click)

TQO#239 Will the USA's Navy fire on USA soil and/or kill it's own civilians ? (click)

TQO#240 Beware the asp Michelle Obama and her incomprehensible statement (click)

TQO#241 Christians: Why Obama needs the military to kill it's civilians (click)

TQO#242 Ron Paul: Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword and sniper Chris Kyle (click)

TQO#243 The reasons Obama finally visited Israel = your destruction=fun (click)

TQO#244 Pro-Life Christians – four connected “terror” events – a message sent (click)

TQO#245 Boston Marathon Bombing – a warning from God – the twos (click)

TQO#246 Obama's three scandals, Monroe tornadoes, and not going metric (click)

TQO#247 The Pledge, baby killing homosexual nation judged, Syria, Isa 17:3 (click)

TQO#248 God's warning mocked – USA and South Dakota's storm – Nineveh (click)

TQO#249 Stenographer Dianne Reidy House Floor – 2nd warning from God (click)

TQO#250 Deut 28 curses for dummies (mocking Congressmen) & Sen. Thune (click)

TQO#251 2 Families killed, 2 teachers killed, the TSA agent – were warnings (click)

TQO#252 WWGD - Steno Dianne Reidy House Floor warning is ignored (click)

TQO#253 America – the cellar is empty – your war with Obama and Satan (click)

TQO#254 Why can Obama can freely violate his Constitutional “oath”? (click)

TQO#255 Christians – take Gov Cuomo words as 100% correct, right from God lips ! (click)

TQO#256 2014 SOTU – LMAO! God proves Obama global warming liar – 2014 snowpocalypse *01 (click)

TQO#257 Familicide, the spirit of suicide, the collusion of the media, Obama (click)

TQO#258 Texas – God has an answer – 4 Congress and your new crop bug ! (click)

TQO#259 Congress: God is ending your idol worship – get ready for hell (click)

TQO#260 A message from God – destruction is coming (click)

TQO#261 Christian Preppers – consider buying a lot of baby formula (click)

TQO#262 Marijuana – the black messiah vs. the white messiah (click)

TQO#263 Tea Party : Obama vs. The 5000 Year Leap (click)

TQO#264 Understanding the fly God planted on Obama's forehead (click)

TQO#265 God's proof in genetics, the serpent, Bible numbers, from a fern (click)

TQO#266 The traitors Bergdahl and Obama – what God showed, happened (click)

TQO#267 Illegal alien children border “crisis” - Obama, McVeigh, depth of evil *01 (click)

TQO#268 Obama's “leading from behind” *01 - mocking dumb Christians (click)

TQO#269 God, Polar Vortex, and Enoch to Obama: Global Warming Liar (click)

TQO#270 Obama's illegal amnesty shenanigans – it will stand it is God's will (click)

TQO#271 A perfect example from Craigslist of what is wrong with America (click)

TQO#272 Judge Andrew P. Napolitano – an honest answer to your question (click)

TQO#273 Alan Gross - Cuba - Obama - Just as God said it would happen (click)

TQO#274 North Korea's Kim Jong Un – Sony “The Interview” - the 2nd Great Wall of China (click)

TQO#275 Elizabeth Warren goes off the reservation - budget deal bad medicine ! (click)

TQO#276 Christian Police Officers – bullet proof vests will not save – it is a lie ! (click)

TQO#277 Chill-mageddon 2015 – 3 gates of heaven to Obama – Global warming is fake ! (click)

TQO#278 Obama SOTU 2015 - Mother can you hear me cry? (click)

TQO#279 Does FoxNews.com know the 3rd commandment? (click)

TQO#280 foxnews.com Attn: Katy Perry and Obama follow the same god – Satan ! (click)

TQO#281 Chill-mageddon II 2015 – Global Warming and USA messiah are fake ! (click)

TQO#282 God: global warming is fake and a lie, just like Obama - Kerry and 1872 ! (click)

TQO#283 “Curse of the Zeroes” - the reason Obama renamed Mount McKinley (click)

TQO#284 For Babylon: The Satanic message – MACY's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2015 (click)

TQO#285 Bible's immigration plan ignored – results were 9/11 and 11/13/2015 Paris France (click)

TQO#286 Welcome Georgia to Obama's horror of familicide – keep inviting him in ! (click)

TQO#287 Christmas Party Massacre San Bernardino – proof even felons need guns ! (click)

TQO#288 Bible and Ezra vs. Quaran with jihad and the promised 70 virgins by Allah (click)

TQO#289 Obama : “No religion condones the killing of innocents.” = a twisted LIAR (click)

TQO#290 Jesus was white, blonde hair, and blue eyes – deal with it ! (click)

TQO#291 Why did “speaker” Ryan and House “republicans” betray you? (click)

TQO#292 God warned you 2+ years ago – will you properly honor God “Christmas” 2016 ? (click)

TQO#293 Paris France You -EARNED the Friday the 13th terror attacks 11/13/2015 ! (click)

TQO#294 Storm-ageddon 2015 Obama's parting gift for the pagan year to the world (click)

TQO#295 God's message to Dubai Sheikh Mohammed - NSA USA (WoB) - Israel Netanyahu (click)

TQO#296 Obama 2016 SOTU - Understanding the Cacodemon's dig at God and Carson (click)

TQO#297 Romney and Obama debate speech #1 .txt (click)

TQO#297 Romney and Obama debate speech #2 .txt (click)

TQO#297 Romney and Obama debate speech #3 .txt (click)

TQO#297 How Romney lost 2012, by the numbers that matter (click)

TQO#298 Trey Gowdy – understand what Obama really meant about Clinton's emails (click)

TQO#299 The continuing failure of “pro-life” because they deny Jesus (click)

TQO#300 Luke 1:36-55 Proof the soul is placed into the body at conception (click)

TQO#301 George Washington Carver’s 8 Cardinal Virtues for the 2016 election (click)

TQO#302 Not a Natural Born Citizen (Obama, Cruz, Rubio) – it's not your commie motherland – it's the fatherland ! (click)

TQO#303 Speaker Paul Ryan : The USA is the Whore of Babylon, so who's the king? (click)

TQO#304 What to an aborted baby is 9/11* ? (click)

TQO#305 Why Obama’s dog flew solo on Air Force 1 (click)

TQO#306 Why Obama did Cuba and Congress did nothing? (click)

TQO#307 Obama & Satan use the homosexual rainbow to conquer the USA and world(*1) – it’s in the Bible (click)

TQO#308 Happy HOLLOW days and your upside down CHRISTmas tree (click)

TQO#309 Why Congress mocked John Adams in ObamaCare – solved – stenographer (click)


Soros & Reader's Digest - corrupting school children Part-1 (click)

Soros & Reader's Digest - corrupting school children Part-2 (click)

Soros & Reader's Digest - corrupting school children Part-3 (click)

Soros & Reader's Digest - corrupting school children Part-4 (click)


StimUwaste - Your tax dollars wasted - (click here)

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Farewell Address - President Ronald Reagan (click here)

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Kenya - the start of the "green" movement ... 1981 ! (click here)

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A white slave owner could feed his black man well, send his slave out hunting with a rifle, and to the local store while he kept his family hostage, and kept him ignorant about the word of God and how to read. Then when the slave still tried to escape, the slave owner beat him and said "Look at all I have given you, you ungrateful heathen".

To be a free citizen Frederick Douglass had white Christian brothers that bought his freedom for a one time fee of $710.96.

Under SOCIALIST Obama Care, us white slaves to the government have to buy our freedom every month, under the IRS's tyrannical thumb or be jailed.

Well, I am going to do the same thing Frederick Douglass did to free his black brothers in the bondage of slavery. Teach people the Bible and how to read it.

Another John Brown trying to free slaves of government


Eric Holder, Obama's hand picked Attorney General

"Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been and I believe continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards." BTW: He is insulting both blacks and whites with his comment.