"And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people

who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment

as a way to explain their frustrations."

-- Barack Obama, April 2, 2008


Socialist Obama's 4th Reich violates Constitution with Nazi roots of Interpol

Click on the link below, read it, and then I will explain this so even a career Democrat or Republican can understand it.


"Obama gives foreign cops new police powers in U.S.

Sovereignty apparently set aside as agency exempted from law"


Better link for harder hitting general news

Obama extends diplomatic immunity to interpol by executive-order



If you said President Ronald Reagan really should not have given Interpol a place on our shores, I might have agreed. Though having them conform to the same standards as we set for the CIA so they are not above the law, and can be investigated for violations was a good check.

I was against the 1996 Communications Act.

For you democrats that screamed about the Patriot Act, I agree, it should have been killed a long time ago under Bush. Where is your outrage now and why have you not pressured Obama to kill it? Oh, I get it. You only scream at the other progressive in office. It is like watching a bunch of demons scream at each other, calling the other one evil.

Obama has done far worse now then any other president violating the Constitution and giving a foreign police state unlimited and unchecked power on our shores.

Wicked people!

This reminds me how Hitler set up the Night of Long Knives.




What is left of the democrat party should learn from history, socialists tend to eat their own to solidify their power before they get around to chewing on someone else. Not that we saw that with Obama Care, correct?

Now, let us take a look at Interpol and it's flag design.



"in 1938, the organization fell under the control of Nazi Germany and the Commission's headquarters were eventually moved to Berlin in 1942. It is unclear, however, if and to what extent the ICPC files were used to further the goals of the Nazi regime. However, from 1938 to 1945, the presidents of Interpol included Otto Steinhäusl (a general in the SS), Reinhard Heydrich (a general in the SS, and chair of the Wannsee Conference that appointed Heydrich the chief executor of the "Final solution to the Jewish question"), Arthur Nebe (a general in the SS, and Einsatzgruppen leader, under whose command at least 46,000 people were killed), and Ernst Kaltenbrunner (a general in the SS, the highest ranking SS officer executed after the Nuremberg Trial)."

wiki- nazi flags

wiki - principles of flag design

"Be Distinctive or Be Related: avoid duplicating other flags, but use similarities to show connections."


Where have I seen a flag like that? From Nazi Germany!

SS-Heimwehr Danzig (Poland) 1939

Proposed Generalgouvernment (General Government) Flag 1939

"General Government of Occupied Territories"

Dutch SS (Germanic SS in the Netherlands) Flag


Hey, do not worry just because the Interpol flag has integrated every major symbol of Nazi Germany it into one global police flag. Do not trust your own eyes whatever you do!

But, wait there is more.


4th Reich


"given safe haven by organizations like ODESSA and Die Spinne, have been working behind the scenes since the end of World War II to enact at least some of the principles of Nazism (e.g. militarism, fascism, conquest, widespread spying on citizens, use of corporations and propaganda to control national interests and ideas) into culture, government, and business worldwide, but primarily in the United States."


Let us see what Obama has done and use a check list shall we?


Done right in Obama care, plus, he has stated the need for a civil police force bigger then our army. Hey, I think that sounds almost like the Night of the Long Knives!


Done - the government now owns two automotive companies, has taken over health care, has bailed out and owns banking (freddie and fannie mac) and is looking to tighten it's grip on the financial market further through the quislings we call Congress.


Despite Obama's campaign promises, we are still in Iraq and Afghanistan and now there is talk about bombing Iran and forcing sanctions upon it. I do believe Iran might look at this as conquest and the militants in Pakistan seem to be angry at our bombing their sovereign property with drones, so they are sending nut cases to blow up car bombs in NYC.

widespread spying on citizens

Obama has furthered it more then any other president by allowing a foreign police union into our country unfettered by any laws, including the ones our own CIA have to follow!

Plus, Obama moved the census into the white house and proceeded to collect the GPS coordinates on EVERY house in the USA. Please see Night of the Long Knives again.

use of corporations and propaganda to control national interests and ideas into culture

The White House, in case you missed the Glen Beck show with the white house telephone call, collaborated with the NEA, which is funded by tax payer dollars, to produce propaganda art to promote Obama Care among other things.

Obama used ACORN, paid partly with tax dollars, to promote his agenda. Along with other George Soros based foundations.

The first thing Obama did once in office was throw Poland under the bus to promote GE's business with Russia.

Obama let GE sell satellite technology to China. Kind of reminds me of Clinton/Gore letting China get nuke technology for repayment of the $300,000 donated to them by ...


The StimUwaste and Obama Care is loaded with benefits for GE, which owns NBC, which is just a propaganda news outlet for Obama.

Obama has done many things to benefit SABIC, including putting the 2020 C.A.F.E. standards into effect by 2016 which greatly benefits SABIC which bought GE's plastic division and patents. Plus, Obama groveled low enough to kiss the Saudi prince's feet.

SABIC has not regretted raising oil prices, to have an excuse to buy GE's plastic division which then they just "had to sell" because oil cost too much, for $11 billion. It is almost like SABIC knew the fix was in. Come on Harry Reid and Pelosi, did you guys or the late corrupter Ted Kennedy happen to mention something to SABIC, about Obama and his socialist Obama Care and StimUwaste plan, before we even knew those plans existed?

Is there any way, Apollo, could have had these plans made well in advance before Obama even got elected - which designed the StimUwaste package? Well, we already know the answer is ... YES!

◙ government, and business worldwide, but primarily in the United States

GEORGE SOROS, Obama's owner and leash holder, and the United Nations. Obama relaxed the Mexico Accord, which denies the UN's population program money for abortions. Now we are helping to further promote abortion and eugenics world wide.

The sham of Global Warming.

The sham of Carbon Credits, which just happens to promote CCX, which just happens to have notable frauds like Al Gore and Goldman Sachs, as part owners.


Now, let us talk about the military police state and how to implement it with the tools and structure Obama has helped put in place. How about smart meters?

Smart meters and cars, can you hack them?


Smart meters, not-so-smart security


Smart Meters Not Ready for Primetime


Will Smart Meters mean Smart Coercion?


Security Pros Question Deployment of Smart Meters


Smart meters not quite bright with security


Same article, but, provided here so you can search though links here (the White Papers)

Smart meters, not-so-smart security


"The archives of international organizations shall be inviolable."



Well, we already saw how Hitler, the national socialist handled things in the 1930s.

How about Obama's Night of the Long Knives for the 21st century?

How could this play out?

Using GPS coordinates. provided by the census, the government has weapons to disable electronics using wave weapons AND by giving Interpol free reign now they can watch your electric meter, then they can decide to visit your house when you are home, OR NOT, or choose when to disable the meter to disable any alarms, computers, and phone systems.

People say, what about predator drones. That would require the military at the highest levels to fire on citizens, not likely to happen right away since most take seriously their oath to protect the Constitution. Of course, holding a general's family hostage might work.

Besides, bombs going off in your neighborhood scares people into action. Silently killing your neighbors is a more effective form of intimidation. This is especially effective because if you disable national communications so local police deal with it as a local problem. If you take down the Internet under an emergency power, like Obama wants it, and all but one network is in bed with you, you can control the message.

By watching your meter, Interpol could determine when you went to bed (no lights, no TV, lower the a/c or heat). That way Interpol would not have to have a team in the neighbor hood to be spotted. Then Interpol (or Obama's civil "national" force) could turn off the electric to your house or the whole neighborhood at the moment they are about to bust in your door and house, to give them the element of surprise AND cover. You have no lights, they have night vision.

They can whisk you away or more likely kill you with a SWAT team, with a very small chance anyone noticed them or anyone could ID them without lights.

Also, Interpol (would people in Obama's cabinet let a crisis go to waste?) could do this on a large broad scale to take out political opposition including vital members of Congress and local government heads.

If you watch 100 people using a computer database and determine a day of the week and time all 100 are the most vulnerable, you can remove all 100 at a single time. How hard would it be to take out all 50 state governors and 50 senators?

Let us see, is a 4 man team (call it an A team if you want) at most needed for each victim?

- You have the element of surprise.

- You just want to kill them, not capture them.

- You have government provided vehicles.

- You can shut off the electric meter so only you have night vision.

- The victims are sleeping.

- You have automatic weapons, your victims do not.

- You have explosives and grenades, the victims do not.

- You know the general layout because you have up to date satellite photos.

- You probably have blueprints required for tax assessment and building codes.

- The victims drive a Government Motors vehicle with On-Star, which by chance the Federal government owns so you can disable their escape vehicle. If the vehicle is parked at the end of the driveway or inside a garage with no power, even better.

-You know which weapons they possess because of the background checks for everyone to buy a gun, which of course the government never keeps a record of ... which is why they can determine what weapons people possess before a raid ...

- The government and police can own body armor, along with criminals, you can not.

I guess it would be too much to ask Congress to read the book Condor Legion (Ballentine Books) , about the civil war in Spain with the Nazi on one side and the Soviets on the other side.

Not that history every repeats itself with socialists and communists in charge.

Not that all powerful governments ever use national weapons and technology against their own citizens.

Not that our founding fathers had the opinion that

small government = good,

big government = bad.

Not that you have to worry about socialists killing off opponents and sticking quislings in their place.

I guess when Congress can violate their oath of office and the Constitution with Obama Care, they see nothing wrong with giving a "one world" police force with Nazi roots and a Nazi based flag, immunity from the laws and procedures our own CIA and FBI have to follow.

I guess my question is exactly how many Interpol "members" do we have (400 or more?) on our "used to be " sovereign soil and how many UN police "members" do we currently have on our "used to be" sovereign soil?

Since they are out side the law now, I guess dumping a few hundred in on a plane or helicopter on a moment's notice is not out of the question either. Which brings us back to having an unfettered 2nd amendment, which the democRATS like Obama want to restrict and one of my favorite George Washington quotes.

"A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government."

-- 1st President George Washington

Thank you Obama for the only true Stimulus since you took office, scaring people into buying more food, guns, ammo, and gold. For good reason.

Still 10% unemployment, still a $1.5 trillion deficit, and still $14,000,000,000,000+ in debt owed to China, Japan, Russia, Germany, and the Arabs, that can't be paid off in our life time.

Still burdened down by more laws, regulations, taxes, debt, czars, and out of control spending with a government that violates the tenets of God and our Constitution, through our quisling Congress.

Fire everyone in government, start with Congress, and impeach Obama.

Damn godless quislings and Socialist !

John Brown



"There are two ways

to conquer

and enslave a nation.

One is by the sword.

The other is by debt"

President John Adams


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Under SOCIALIST Obama Care, us white and black slaves to the government have to buy our freedom every month, under the IRS's tyrannical thumb or be jailed.

Well, I am going to do the same thing Frederick Douglass did to free his black brothers in the bondage of slavery.

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