"And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people

who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment

as a way to explain their frustrations."

-- Barack Obama, April 2, 2008

GE - SABIC #02

So, let us see ...

1) People that worked for GE, now work for medical companies that back Pelosi and Kennedy.

2) These medical companies will directly benefit from the so called Stimulus package.

3) These medical companies will benefit from Obama Care.

4) GE owns NBC (MSNBC)

5) NBC even sells Obama dolls in their NY stores.

NBC reports hardly anything negative about Obama or anything associated with him such as the corrupt ACORN outfit. Their anchors get wet between the legs interviewing Obama.

6) GE sells SABIC their plastic division for $11 billion dollars.

Wait ... what does SABIC do though?

Could it be anything to do with "green" technology? To put it simply, SABIC makes green technology for cars.

Obama advanced the C.A.F.E standards and pushed the deadline ahead four years to 35 mpg for cars, why? That will cost buyers about $1700 extra per car! You know what this means? Car OEMs are almost forced to deal exclusively with SABIC now because there is not enough development time for them develop competing technologies!


SABIC Innovative Plastics, which co-developed the QarmaQ with Hyundai Motor Company, incorporated next-generation composites and thermoplastics from its broad product portfolio throughout the vehicle to reduce weight and greenhouse gas emissions.


Ford uses SABIC's resins for its cars' plastic fenders

SABIC - vehicle emissions

SABIC Innovative Plastics Honored for Reducing Vehicle Emissions With Next Generation Polymers and Composites (Green Dot Award)



SABIC Innovative Plastics' "Green" Technologies Help the New Lincoln MKT Concept Provide Eco-Responsible Style and Luxury


SABIC Innovative Plastics' Advanced Composites for Vehicle Fuel Economy and the Environment Highlight Auto Industry Ride & Drive in Washington, D.C. ... and lighter-weight vehicles that can help improve fuel economy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.


"Auto makers to use sustainable plastics to reduce vehicle weight

It is reported that Sabic Innovative Plastics has teamed up with two automobile manufacturers to introduce plastics technology used to make vehicle parts that are lightweight and that use sustainable materials. Both collaborations will be featured at the North American International Auto Show, which will take place in Detroit, USA, January 19th to 27th 2008.

The first of these collaborations is with the Ford Motor Co which is set to introduce its concept automobile, the Lincoln MKT at the show. The vehicle features a number of environmentally responsible technologies, including:

According to Sabic by using high performance resins in its design, Ford has reduced the weight of the automobile by 47 kilogram without compromising safety, these weight savings implemented over mass quantities of vehicles have significant affects on reducing fuel consumption.

The Sabic plastics used to replace metal or glass in the automobile include:

1. Smart iQ, made from up cycled polyethylene terephthalate bottles, replaces metal in a number of applications

2. Xenoy iQ is used for front and rear bumper energy absorbers, the center console and liftgate inner structure;

3. Valox iQ features in the engine cover, connectors, power distribution boards and the composite hood

4 Lexan GLX polycarbonate with Exatec coating features in the roof, windshield and rear lift gate, replacing glass and reducing weight by 12.9 kilogram

5. A halogen free flame retardant, Flexible Noryl is used as a thin wire coating, reducing weight by 1.1 kilogram

The second collaboration is with Land Rover which will launch its Land Rover LRX concept car a new three-door premium cross coupé prototype at the show.

By using the polycarbonate and coating supplied by Sabic, the automobile maker was also able to provide high impact strength and ultraviolet protection for the LRX concept. The polymer glazing material is used in the A-posts, side windows, rear quarter windows, panoramic roof and back light. Further, by incorporating glazing technologies from Exatec LLC enables the usual mast antenna to be eliminated with hidden antennas incorporated within the panoramic roof glazing."

Update to Obama raising the CAFE standards to benefit SABIC.

I finally found the patent and then the plastic used in the newer lighter weight cars, that SABIC bought from GE, which greatly benefits SABIC now that Obama raised the CAFE standards 4 years early to 35 mpg. It is called ULTEM.

More information here:

New Ultem* Composites, Foam and Fiber from SABIC Innovative Plastics Redefine Extreme Performance



Scroll down to ULTEM (Polyetherimide - it says GE - was bought by SABIC)

There is the patent for it:


"Polyetherimide and polyetherimide sulfone blends having automotive lighting applications"

So, see by doing the CAFE early not only does it cut potential development short, it locks in only SABIC because they own the patent used across a wide variety of products!



"There are two ways

to conquer

and enslave a nation.

One is by the sword.

The other is by debt"

President John Adams


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