"And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations." -- no long form birth certificate -- Barack Obama, April 2, 2008

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Soros and Reader's Digest - Anti-Christian propaganda corrupting school children Part-1

You know, when I did this article 9 months ago, I knew George Soros corrupting hands were in it somehow. Now, I know how and I have the actual book and pages to show you.

Earlier article:

Insidious "Green" school Indoctrination of children - against Jesus

I said " What the $^%#$% is going on!", now, I will show you.

The World Almanac For Kids 2009 is put out by Reader's Digest. Here are only some of the ties that bind.


Harvey Golub current relationships:

Reader's Digest Association Inc. - chairman

Ripplewood Holdings LLC - chairman - I will get to this later

American Enterprise Institute - trustee

Campbell Soup Company - director - promotes homosexual marriage

ClientLogic Corporation - chairman

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts - treasurer

New York-Presbyterian Hospital - trustee - this is the one we want

Harvey Golub connections, once removed:

Mark Schwartz >> through New York-Presbyterian Hospital


Other current Mark Schwartz relationships:

John F. Kennedy School of Government - dean's council member

MasterCard Incorporated - director

MissionPoint Capital Partners LLC - chairman

New Silk Route Partners LLC - co-founder

New York-Presbyterian Hospital - trustee

Since Harvey Golub and Mark Schwartz are both trustees of the New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Schwartz works for George Soros, do you think there is any way Soros is using RDA to push his anti-USA, anti-Christian, theology on your children through that almanac?

Mark Schwartz past relationships:

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. - president & CEO

Soros Fund Management - president & CEO

George Soros - senior adviser

Goldman Sachs, hey! Isn't that the company we bailed out and doesn't Obama have people working for him that use to work at Goldman Sachs?

Think Obama knows Schwartz, being a Harvard man himself?


Chairman of the Visiting Committee -Harvard Business School

Member of the Dean's Council -Harvard Business School

#Member of the Executive Committee- Harvard College COUR

Just to verify this is the same Mark Schwartz working for Soros:


Now, a quick side track, if you have wondered why the Burger King commercials have been so homosexual and creepy, just follow the path.

Soros - real estate attorney Martin L. Edelman

Hillary Rodham Clinton for US Senate Committee

A. D. Frazier, Jr. - CEO of Danka Business Systems

DANKA? What is that? They owned Burger King. Basically, one rich guy buys a company, then sells it for an immediate loss to his friend, to gain control over the food service industry, to help poison you and the youth with propaganda. Then after they run it into the ground some more, after the enriching IPO, it is sold to a 3G Capital.

But, why would this matter? Would you believe the former CEO of Burger King Corporation just happens to donate a lot of money to ACTBLUE, George Soro's mouth piece?

John ChidseyPolitical Campaign Contributions2010 Election Cycle

Click on 2010, Chidsey gave $4800 to ACTBLUE.

ActBlue "lied" when they said they aren't funded by Soros

"George Soros did indeed donate to ActBlue, and it is UNDISPUTED as one can see from the information in my diary below. ... ActBlue Lies when they say Soros never gave them money."

Now click on 2002, you see he works at Cendant Corp. and donates $6,000 to the Cendant PAC.

Wait, is there any way he was connected to Soros before he was at Burger King?


"Martin Edelman of counsel with the international law firm Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP ... He sits on a number of boards of directors, among them Cendant Incorporated, Capital Trust, Soros Real Estate Partners, Northstar Capital Partners, and Acadia Realty Trust."

Now, Edelman works for Soros, Chidsey is CEO of Cendant and Edelman is on the board of directors of Cendant. Do you think Chidsey has any passing knowledge of Soros? I mean, he only gives to PACs supported by Soros and helps push the homosexual agenda with the gay and creepy Burger King ads.

Burger King CEO John Chidsey answers the question

"ReutersVideo — January 29, 2009 — At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Burger King CEO John Chidsey answers the question 'what priority should be given to efforts to tackle climate change given the economic crisis'."

But, is there more?

It seems where Chidsey works, they go out of business and have to sell out to foreign investors. Do you think it is at all possible he is doing this for Soros?

Cendant to Exit S&P 500

"Standard & Poor's said Monday that lodging concern Wyndham Worldwide will replace its soon-to-be-former parent in the S&P 500. Another pending Cendant spinoff, real-estate brokerage franchiser Realogy, will be added to the S&P 500 by claiming the spot currently held by computer maker Gateway "

Ron Baron Buys Realogy Corp,

"Ron Baron of the Baron Funds likes to buy companies when they are small, and wait until they grow big. He got many multiple baggers from this. Ron worked with Soros before, and Peter Lynch used his investment analysis while at Fidelity. This is the Q4 portfolio update for Baron Funds."

Realogy even has it's own PAC!


Turncoat Arlen Spector got some sweet Soros cash!

Now, back to Reader's Digest.

Harvey Golub current relationships:

Ripplewood Holdings LLC -

Why is Reader’s Digest Filing for Bankruptcy?

"Some are suggesting that an overly ambitious 2007 deal with private equity firm Ripplewood Holdings scuttled the company by loading it down with debt."

Reader's Digest targets circulation growth with sampling initiative

"Reader’s Digest went into administration in April 2010 due to a pension debt. However, through a subsequent management buyout and £13m investment from venture capitalist firm Better Capital, the licence to publish Reader’s Digest was acquired by the newly established VIVAT"

Onto who at Reader's Digest shares membership with Soros in the Council on Foreign Relations ?

Council on Foreign Relations

Readers Digest: George V. Grune, (former) CEO

Is this what should worry you, a former CEO of Reader's Digest doing the New World Order with Soros and the CFR? Pushing homosexuality and abortion? Or the fact Grune is a life time member of Boys & Girls Clubs of America? What direction is the "diversity" training going to take, especially for the children of military members if the repeal goes through on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"?

Want to see how fast a business, especially a conservative business or one making money can be put out of business and then sold to an outside influence? Put someone George Soros knows in charge!

George Soros and his ilk are every where, pushing their corrupting message onto your children every where, including Burger King TV commercials and Almanacs in schools. Not an outright overt push, just a small propaganda nudge every chance they get.

Every time you ate at Burger King, you were pumping money into DANKA Europe and are now pumping it into Brazil.

Enjoy your Socialist Soros Whopper!

John Brown

Coming Next: Can you spot what is wrong with these pictures?



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